Free TOEFL Speaking Evaluation

You landed on this page to get a free TOEFL speaking evaluation, right? I am Michael Buckhoff, as you can learn here. I will be the one to conduct this free TOEFL speaking practice test.

More than 15,000 students have sent me their TOEFL speaking practice tests since 2008. As a result, I have coached many students who scored between 26-30 on the official TOEFL exam, as you can learn here.

In addition, many of these students came to me with speaking scores much lower than 26. Consequently, I know how intelligible you need to be to get high marks on the delivery part of the TOEFL iBT rubric.

Moreover, I know what type of vocabulary and grammar control TOEFL iBT human raters expect. Finally, I can tell you what you need to do if you are having problems with topic development.

Free TOEFL Speaking Evaluation
Free TOEFL Speaking Evaluation

Why you should get a free TOEFL speaking evaluation

“Knowledge is power,” Francis Bacon once said, and, after you complete this free TOEFL speaking evaluation, you will understand exactly what you need to do to improve your speaking. The comments I give you will be similar to what you see in this video:

After you e-mail me your speaking practice, I will listen to it and comment on the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. In fact, I will send you back the audio file of your speaking practice test. In addition, I will embed my audio comments into your recording so that I can make corrections at exactly the areas of your response that are having problems. Using this method, I can tell you exactly what pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and topic development problems you are having.

There are several benefits to  having this free TOEFL speaking evaluation:

  • Find your current TOEFL speaking level from 0-30 points
  • Understand why you are not scoring 26 pts or higher (0r understand why your score is higher than 26!)
  • Get 3- 6 minutes of audio comments explaining delivery, language use, and topic development issues
  • Watch the following video of an actual TOEFL speaking evaluation that I did recently:

What you need to do

Sign your name and your e-mail. Then you will go to another web page to see the practice test. Finally, follow the instructions on that page.

Good luck!

TOEFL speaking practice test
TOEFL speaking practice test

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