TOEFL Speaking Practice: This student scores 17/30 pts.

TOEFL Speaking Practice

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A lot of students preparing for the TOEFL exam need TOEFL speaking practice in order to score high on the speaking section of the TOEFL iBT. Therefore, I provide a free TOEFL speaking practice test evaluation so that these students can get an estimated score of 0 to 30 points. Getting this information will either boost their confidence and encourage them to register for the TOEFL exam or motivate them to get more speaking practice to minimize the delivery, language-use, and topic development problems that they may be having.

First of all, in order to get some TOEFL speaking practice and to get a free TOEFL speaking practice test evaluation, students will go to this web page:

Once they are at the free TOEFL speaking practice evaluation web page, they will choose an independent speaking task:

1. What is better when preparing for an exam: studying alone or studying with a group?

2. What is your favorite holiday of the year? Why? Give reasons for your choice.

Second of all, to make sure that these TOEFL speaking practice TOEFLers get the appropriate feedback, they will send their audio file to me at, which is exactly what Shani did today.

Third of all, I will provide video or audio feedback on the TOEFL speaking practice test so that students can understand what their current TOEFL speaking level is, what problems these students are having with delivery, language-use, and topic development, and what type of TOEFL speaking practice test these students can do in order to improve their TOEFL speaking scores.

Fourth of all, I email the video comments to the student. In fact, watch the following video so that you can hear a student answer one of the independent speaking prompts and so that you can hear my evaluation and comments on the TOEFL speaking practice that was submitted:

As you can see, I scored the student at 17/30 points because the student has some delivery and topic development issues. As this student gets more TOEFL speaking practice, he will be able to improve his intelligibility, and he will be able to speak more fluently without as many pauses and hesitations. In addition, extensive TOEFL speaking practice will help this student to vary his intonation and thought groups and blending so that he speaks more naturally.  Extensive TOEFL speaking practice will also help him learn how to develop a sharply-focused topic statement with more specific relevant supporting details.

If this student is trying to score 26+ on the TOEFL speaking section, he is definitely not ready for the TOEFL exam.  “How much TOEFL speaking practice,” you may be thinking, “will this student need before he is fluent enough to take the TOEFL iBT exam?”  Generally, it can take up to 45 hours of practice before he can increase his TOEFL speaking score one point; hence, this student will need to spend 405 hours or approximately 135 days if the student is practicing three hours daily.

Michael Buckhoff,

TOEFL Speaking Practice

Join my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course right now!