TOEFL Speaking Teacher Helps Students Reach 26.

TOEFL speaking teacher Michael Buckhoff has helped 1000’s of students prepare for the exam.  In fact, his education and experience qualify him as a TOEFL speaking teacher.

TOEFL Speaking Teacher

TOEFL Speaking Teacher: Education and Experience

Buckhoff attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a BA in Spanish in 1992. Later, this TOEFL speaking teacher attended California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) There he received his Master’s Degree in English Composition with a supplemental emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Then CSUSB hired Buckhoff. He has been teaching at that school since 1994. Acting as the placement and testing coordinator, Buckhoff and his team test and place students into their English Language Program each term. Therefore, Buckhoff has much experience assessing students’ academic readiness. In addition, Buckhoff teaches TOEFL prep courses and other ESL classes to help students improve their English. After 15 years of teaching, Buckhoff decided to reach out to international students all over the world from his You Tube Channel, his blog, and his web site.

On the same campus, Buckhoff is also a writing and linguistics professor for the English Department.  As a result, Buckhoff is also well-trained to assess students’ writing proficiency.  Similarly, he can also help these students improve their writing so they can write competently.

TOEFL Speaking Teacher: Boot Camp Course

One way Buckhoff reaches out to international students is through his TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course.  Students who complete this course benefit in several ways:

Complete assess to 700 vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, speaking, and writing lesson for 30 days

A diagnostic pronunciation pre-test and post-test

TOEFL speaking teacher scores and provides feedback on all independent and integrated practice tests that students send.

TOEFL Speaking Teacher: Testimonials

Buckhoff has a testimonial web page from real students who have improved their TOEFL scores. Because this TOEFL speaking teacher has graded 1000’s of speaking practice tests, he can help students reach their goals. For example, Buckhoff helps these students reduce their non-native speaker accent. He helps them improve their grammar and vocabulary. Finally, he helps them to improve their topic development.

Watch the following You Tube Video from one of Buckhoff’s students who scored 27/30 on the speaking section:

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