Free TOEFL Speaking Resources

The free TOEFL speaking resources on this web page have three purposes. 1) These lessons will motivate you as you read success stories of students who were able to reach their dream speaking scores. 2) These articles will even allow you post and get free speaking feedback from a qualified mentor. You will also get essential practice with pronunciation, grammar, and topic development. 3) Other articles will give you the speaking tips and tricks that you need to reach your target score of 26.

free TOEFL speaking resources
free TOEFL speaking resources

Free TOEFL Speaking Resources: Motivational Stories

TOEFL Motivational Stories
TOEFL Motivational Stories
  • Learn more, as is provided in this link, about Cris’s TOEFL journey. Over a period of eight months, he took the TOEFL iBT eight times before he reached a score of 26.
  • Alexandria diligently used her Online TOEFL Course to reach her goal of 26 on the speaking section. Read her story.
  • Have you read about Tomas’s journey in which he reached his dream score of 28?  Go Here.
  • Dina took the TOEFL exam six times before she scored 26. You’ve got to read her story.
  • Hyun speaking subtotal score was 21. Later he scored 26. Learn how he did it.
  • Lana teared when she saw her most recent TOEFL speaking score…26.  Her previous score was 23. Read Her Story.

Free TOEFL Speaking Resources: Speaking Practice

TOEFL speaking practice
TOEFL speaking practice
  • Complete a free TOEFL speaking practice test and get an estimated score from 0-30 points. A TOEFL speaking mentor will listen to and evaluate your speaking practice test. This mentor has more than 25 years of TOEFL teaching experience. He has graded more than 25,000 independent and integrated speaking practice tests. Take your free TOEFL speaking practice test right now.
  • Get practice with two of the most frequently mispronounced vowel sounds in American English. Get your lesson now.
  • Improve your pronunciation in this one area. “What area are you talking about?” you ask.
  • Learn the four sentence types to use in your speaking responses. Read More.
  • Listen, read, and take notes on shorter to gradually longer and longer passages. Then make a recording explaining how the information in the listening passage connects to the information in the reading passage. There are 50 practice exercises to help you improve your integrated speaking skills. Compare your response to listening scripts and suggested model paraphrases to see if you are accurately and completely explaining the information: Integrated Speaking Practice
  • TOEFL Speaking Responses: See example independent speaking responses scored from 1-4. Moreover, answer some multiple choice questions in which you actually score real students who completed TOEFL independent speaking practice tests. Compare your score to an iBT specialist who has more than 30 years of TOEFL teaching and placement testing experience.
  • TOEFL Speaking Topics: Learn the most common independent speaking topics appearing on the TOEFL exam right now. In addition, get strategies to organize and develop these types of speaking tasks so that you can score high.
  • TOEFL Transition Words: Learn 100’s of phrases and transition words to help you argue, suggest, choose, emphasize, add, generalize, restate, set up a condition, show cause/effect, show contrast, exemplify, disagree, agree, show similarity, indicate spatial relationships, state options, explain problems, illustrate reasons, and to summarize/conclude.
  • Understand how to organize your speaking tasks.  Go to the Lesson now.
  • There is a little known trick to improve her pronunciation. If you learn how to do this trick effectively, you will eliminate the awkward pauses and hesitations that are bringing your score down.  Practice This Trick Now.
  • Learn three important delivery tips to help you speak more clearly. Practice Now.
  • Get the TOEFL tips and tricks that you need to improve your speaking score. Learn More.

Free TOEFL Speaking Resources: Speaking Tips

TOEFL Speaking Tips and Tricks
TOEFL Speaking Tips and Tricks
  • Are you having trouble speaking fluently?  Do you find yourself stopping during the speaking to find the right word or grammar?  Do you have trouble knowing how to pronounce the words that you want to say? Click Here.
  • Avoid TOEFL Templates: Thinking of using speaking templates during the TOEFL exam? After you read this article, you will never again use Google to search for the following key words: “TOEFL speaking templates.”
  • Learn how to minimize grammar errors on the speaking section by minimizing one important error. Read More.
  • New TOEFL Speaking Section in August 2019: Learn what the newest version (Aug 2019) of the speaking section looks like. In addition, get the most important test-taking strategies so that you can score higher than 26!
  • Are you doing these five things right now to improve your TOEFL speaking score? Read More.
  • Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to score 26?  Read More.
  • Make sure you avoid this ONE language-use error during the speaking section of the TOEFL iBT. Learn more.
  • Do you know how to use the subjunctive mood when you are speaking? What if a speaking tasks asks you to talk about a present or past impossible condition? Will you use the correct grammar in both of these cases?  Read More.
  • Learn why understanding the question’s structure is important to helping you score high.  Learn More.
  • Only 10% of all students reach the score of 26.  These high-scoring students do a lot of practice in three important areas: Click Here.
  • Do you know what templates to use for the integrated tasks?  Get Yours Here.
  • This eight minute video will teach you the most important steps that you need to take to score 26. Keep Reading.
  • Learn the most important study secrets to help you score 26+. Unpack Them Right Now.
  • Learn the most important TOEFL Independent Speaking Strategies to help you score 26+. This is the most comprehensive lesson about TOEFL speaking tasks 1-2 that I have ever written:
  • This 11,057 word lesson teaches you the most important TOEFL integrated speaking strategies for tasks 3-5:
  • If you speaking score is around 19 and if you want to score 26+, read this article.
  • TOEFL Example Score of 23/30 on Speaking: Most students get stuck at 23 on the speaking section. Listen to a response that scores 23 and find out what the student (and you!) needs to do to score higher.
  • What does someone who scores 24 sound like?  How does this person improve to 26?  Read the answer and hear the student’s sample recording.

I hope that you have enjoyed these resources.

Michael Buckhoff,