TOEFL Articles

I’ve alphabetized TOEFL articles I ‘ve written over the last few years.

Some articles will help you understand about my TOEFL course offerings; others will write about students who have used my courses to meet their target score and subtotal scores. You will even find articles explaining tips and tricks to help you improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. If you cannot find what you are looking for on this web page, use the search box in  the right hand corner of this web page to type in key words for which you are looking.  Enjoy!

TOEFL Articles
TOEFL Articles

6 thoughts on “TOEFL Articles

  1. i want start with you next month.
    i want start with you next month.but i want open account in paypal to start with you and the problem in the name is ( Ramzy Elias Hany Fady) we write our names like this in my country .
    my name : Ramzy
    my father name : Elias
    my grandfather : Hany
    my grandfather’s father : Fady
    but in america different
    I think First name is my name ( Ramzy ) but which one middle and last
    First name ( write here ) ( Ramzy Elias Hany Fady)
    Middle name ( write here ) ( Ramzy Elias Hany Fady)
    Last name ( write here ) ( Ramzy Elias Hany Fady)
    given name ( write here ) ( Ramzy Elias Hany Fady)
    surname ( write here ) ( Ramzy Elias Hany Fady)

    Thank you for your help

    1. Ramzy,

      In the US, you can write your name as Ramzy Elias.

      I look forward to having you as a student!


  2. hi michael . i am still struggling with my toefl test to get my license as a pharmacist . I need 26 speaking and 24 writing. i want to be your student

    1. Amany,

      Here are my video comments to you:

      Follow the link to the 60-Day TOEFL Speaking and Writing Study Guide I recommend for you:



  3. Dear Michael,
    i am in to going to do Master degree in USA shortly, i have been in the UK before 8 years doing some english courses but it’s been long time ago.
    but since i am geek programmer and wordpress expert 🙂 lol so i am allows reading and wraiting english, for most of my websites
    so do your courses can be enough for me to learn and then pass the Toefl exam

    1. Sam,

      Here are my video comments to you:

      Happy New Year!


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