Hi, I was your student in the speaking camp and the writing camp. Thank you so much for your guidance.

I took TOEFL iBT test on June 15, and my score is 108 in total. I achieved 23 points in speaking and 27 points in writing. I cannot achieve this score without your guidance.

The file attached is part of my score report.

Again, thank you so much!


TOEFL iBT Score————————————————————-






I would like to thank you for your help about my TOEFL exam. After several months following your courses, I got improved and passed TOEFL test on Aug 26. The course is very helpful for my case. Here is my result( I know this is not too good; however English is my third language):


Hello Michael,

I took the TOEFL exam on April 29th. I had an overall score of 99 points, 27 in the Speaking portion of the test. Thank you for all your recommendations.





Hey Teacher I hope you are well, thanks for your guidance. I got my TOEFL SPEAKING SCORE and I was aiming to get 26 but of course I practiced to get more than that because I wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to pass the test with the score I needed. I ended up getting 27 points on the speaking. I joined your couse twice for over 4 months in total. And you ALWAYS told me that I couldn´t give up and I thank you! Those words resonated in my mind to the point that I practiced practiced and practiced. My Aha moment was when in your course you told me that my pronunciation was preventing me from getting a higher score so I recorded my answers many times making sure that I was pronouncing vowels and consonants sounds to the best of my ahbilities in the way you taught me. I practiced with your familiar topics questions over and over and I got one of them (Q1) on the real TOEFL. The structure you taught me worked perfectly for all of the questions, specially for question 4 which in my opinion is the hardest. Again Teacher thank you! This ends 2 years of studying to pass that exam. Now my life has a clear destination and I´m moving on to it!


Javier H


Great course!
I strongly recommend this course for those students needing to get a high score in the Speaking Section on the TOEFL iBT, the pronunciation exercises, and Michael’s feedback helped me to improve and achieve my required 26 points.


Hi Michael,
I took the Toefl for my 5th time, and I just got the scores. For this test, besides your online course, I also took the free ETS course and also took four skype sessions with another toefl teacher.
speaking 26
But definitely your Speaking Practices and your feedback was incredibly helpful for me, because living in a non English speaking country I had too many pronunciation mistakes that you pointed out and help me to identify.
Thank you very much.
God Bless you!



Hello Michael

This is to inform you that I passed my TOEFL with speaking 26. I really thank you for evaluating my speaking everyday; it made a huge difference in my performance.

Thank you



Hi Micheal,

I wrote my TOEFL exam for the second time on 26th March 2016, as my first time score (82) was not up-to the mark.It went well and I got a score of 90.

Your teaching was clear and understandable.I was very good in reading, but I needed improvement in speaking and writing. Through your writing tasks and speaking tasks, I was able to improve myself very well. Now, I feel more confident while speaking and writing in English.

I have no words to thank you, and I actually nailed my score of 90 overall with no sub-score less than 21.

toefl score

This also secured me an offer to pursue my Masters degree in Data Analytics, and I am waiting for the results from few more universities.

Thank you for scoring my writing tasks with near perfection.My best sub-score(24) is in writing section 🙂

Thanks & Regards,
Kamakodi S


Dear Michael,

I am glad to inform you that i have cleared my TOEFL held on 24th January with the following scores
Reading – 29/30
Listening – 30/30
Speaking – 28/30
Writing – 29/30
Overall – 116/120
If not for your training, I would never have managed to pull this through in a short period of time. I have never seen a dedicated teacher like you in my entire career.
Only because of you I am going to join my stroke fellowship on time.
Best regards,
Dr. Sibi T

sibi TOEFl score

Dr. Sibi,

I am delighted that you were able to reach your target scores. And then some!!!!


You are an inspiration to TOEFL students all over the world.



Hi, Michael. My name is James, and I once subscribed to your TOEFL service a few years ago when I was in high school. Now I am a student at Seoul National University in South Korea majoring in English education, and recently I took TOEFL and received the score of 118 (Reading: 30 Listening: 30 Speaking: 29 Writing: 29). I am not sure if you can remember me, but I deeply appreciate your commitment and devotion to improving students’ TOEFL scores, which greatly helped me improve mine as well. I was wondering if I can share some of my tips on scoring more than 110 on TOEFL on your website, so please let me know if I can. Thank you.James,

Here are my video comments to you:

Congratulations on getting such a high score!



Hi Michael,

Long time no see. This is Yuke.

I finally earned a score of 109 on the TOEFL iBT test (Reading 30, Listening
29, Speaking 26, Writing 24)! Since I have never lived outside Japan, I had
not imagined scoring 26 in the Speaking section. I really owe this wonderful
score to you. I will cancel this service, but I will recommend this service
to friends who need to get a good score on the TOEFL iBT test. I hope I will
be admitted to graduate schools with this score.

Again, thank you very much for your teaching, and see you soon.





Hey Michael,

Just got my TOEFL result. Got 103. 27 in writing, speaking, and listening. 22 in reading.

I think having error corrected those essays by you and going through the lessons you recommended helped a lot to improve my writing score.

Thanks again for all your advice. Appreciate it.



Hello Michael!

I hope you’re doing well. Last year I was one of your students (from June to December) and I really enjoyed every lesson I took, on your TOEFL study guide. I just want to say thank you, because finally I got the TOEFL score I was looking for: from 93 – 100 /120.
I’ve got a 95/120 score, with 24 in Reading, Speaking and Writing, and 23 in Listening. Now I have been able to apply for a Master’s degree in Computer Science, in 4 universities. So far I’ve received one positive response. Still waiting for other responses so I can take a decision.
I started to study on June 2014, and I’m really glad to have found on the internet your TOEFL study guide, 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL IBT. Before enrolling to your course, I sent you an email, that you immediately responded with a video, explaining how I could reach my goals. I clearly remember, that you started recommending that, even if I didn’t enrolled in your course, I should practice reading and listening for an hour each, on a daily basis. This made me think that you were being very honest with me, stating that practicing and a lot of effort eventually would help me to reach my goal.

I have to say that your study program is tough, just like a training for long distance running: day after day you work on improving different areas/skills. It is not easy, specially when you work, to dedicate from 2 to 4 hours a day to complete every planned assignment, but eventually all the effort, is reflected in the results.

I also want to be honest with you, I was afraid that I couldn’t make it for the universities deadlines. Therefore, I took the TOEFL test on November, where I had completed 76/90 days of study and I got a 89. I was very sure that this grade didn’t really reflected my English skills, therefore I decided to take the test again on December. I got a 91, not what I was expecting, but very close to my goal. What did I do then? I put all my effort on practicing every day, applying your advises, specially for listening, the area in which I felt weaker. I took the test for the third time on January and I got a 95, fear enough to start with the universities applications.
Besides helping me to meet the English requirements to apply for a Master’s degree in Canada, your TOEFL study guide has helped me to improved on areas like Writing, which it is going to be really good if I enroll in a master’s program. Your Writing lessons were very useful for me, even for the statement of interest that I made for universities. I also want to thank Luis Mena, for his patience and also for helping me with this area, evaluating every single essay I sent.

Finally, I want to say thank you, not only for helping me to get my TOEFL score, but also for being an amazing professor who, no matter the distance, puts all his effort on transmitting his knowledge and advice to students that he doesn’t even know. If I were a professor, I definitely would like to be like you!

All the best for you and your family,


Dear Michael,
Thank you very much for helping me to improve my English skills dramatically.
If I hadn’t had a chance to learned from you, I wouldn’t be able to pass the IELTS exam.
I got 8.0 Overall with 8.0 in speaking!!!
You listened to my answer very carefully and corrected any grammatical mistakes I made.
Moreover, you gave me a variety of expressions of phrases which Americans would commonly use.
I  tried many other courses (Skype ESL lesson, for example),
but you were the only teacher who taught in this way.
Thank you very much again!

Hi Michael,

I am glad to inform you that I got a score of 109/120; reading-28, listening-27, SPEAKING -28 and writing-26. And, I believe that its your course that has led me to this score in just two months of preparations. This was my second attempt. In the first attempt I got 106, 23 in speaking.

I wanted a score of at least 26 in speaking, to have a physical therapy licence in USA. Most of my friends, who have already been preparing for licence exam, told me that it usually takes 4-5 attempts to reach a score of 26 in speaking section of TOEFL. But, I was lucky enough to have come across your course while doing some online surfing. And, that was the best decision that I took.

For some of the readers who are still searching for some good online toefl preparation course, I wouldn’t give a second thought to refer ‘the 7 step system to pass the TOEFL ibt’ by Michael Buckoff. It is the best and the most affordable course that I came across and after starting my preparations, I never regretted my decision. Trust me guys, this is one of the most brilliantly designed course and you can’t find the kind of feedback that Michael gives, anywhere else. Comparing this with other courses, the first point I would mention is its cost. In just $38 a month you won’t get any teacher evaluate your responses and point out to specific mistakes in your answers. Yes, Michael does that. He evaluated one speaking response each day for me and pointed out the mistakes in terms of grammer, intonation, language use, sentence structure and organization. This helped me a lot to groom my overall english speaking as well as correct my mistakes in each of the speaking task. None of the other online courses would do that for you, unless you spent hundreds of dollars in one to one sessions. Besides that, the lessons mentioned in the pronunciation and speaking section of his course are simply amazing. We, the non-native english speakers are often confused what our mistakes were at the previous TOEFL attempt, despite being able to speak good english. His course was like an eye-opener to me. So, I don’t have any hesitation in saying that instead of going through the pain of failures and spending so much at each attempt, please try this course and you will see the results.

Coming back to you Michael, I just can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve my aim. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude. I apologize for such a lengthy testimonial, but I can’t stop myself from praising your brilliant course and a wonderful teacher like you.




Hi there!
7step system is the only way to make the best out of your TOEFL prep. Even if you are pretty good with English, don’t underestimate the test difficulty and believe me: it’ll be MUCH easier to succeed if you get familiar with the test structure and learn few tricks to be quicker and more confident.
Thank to 7 step system, Michael’s long experience as TOEFL instructor is affordable and available to anybody who really wants to succeed at the test………

My first TOEFL score was 102, not bad, right??!!
:) good luck guys!!!!!


Hi Michael,

Finally I passed my toefl with your extraordinary help and you were great help, I will recommend you to anyone that wants English or Toefl improvement





Dear prof.Michael,
I just received my Toefl scores. I got 96. I scored 26 on the speaking sections and 26 on the writing. I scored lower in the reading and listening sections, as I already told you in the previous e-mail, because I found myself in difficulties due to hard terminologies I couldn’t understand. Anyway I needed at least 79-80 points in order to fullfill the requirements of admission in one of the US college I’m applying.
Thank you for everything, because without you, your lessons, your course and your tips I wouldn’t have scored this high.
Best wishes, and thank you again,


100 + TOEFL Score

Hi Michael,
I am very happy to tell that I got 96 score in my TOEFL Ibt test that I took it last week. After taking your 2 months course, I raised my score from 87 to 96 and now I am applying to dental school with big confidence . Thank you very much Michael and wish you all the best.

Reading 23 it was 19
listening 26 it was 23
speaking 26 it was 24
writing 21 it was 21


Hi Michael!

I am A., one of your new students! I have begun to follow your 7-steps system to pass the Toefl iBT and I want to tell you that it is amazing! Thank you very much for your and your staff work.

I decided to sign up to your system because, looking around on the Internet, it seemed to me to be the most “genuine” course. And now I am very happy with my choice because your course is truly helpful both to practice for Toefl iBT and to improve my language skills. In fact your course is not based on learning some tips or tricks like others do. Instead, it really helps me thinking about my main weaknesses in English and it helps me to learn and to improve its use!

In the beginning I signed up because I have to try to pass the Toefl exam with a minimun score of 80/100 in a very short time (my exam will be at the end of April), in order to be eligible for a PhD grant in Spain. Now, thanks to your teaching model, I re-discovered the motivation to improve my English and a way to do it. So, whether I pass the toefl or not (I know I don’t have enough time to improve and to well prepare it), I will continue to study!

I really wanted to express my gratitude for your good job! And my thanks also go to Luis who is helping me a lot with the writing pieces.

That’s all for now but I will write you again over the next few days to better explain my situation and to ask you some advice, I hope you don’t mind.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Michael!
I am glad to inform you about my successful passing the TOEFL exam with score 87.
I am foreign graduated nurse and to be allow for NCLEX RN exam I need the TOEFL score 83,
but my previous results were 77 – 80. After using your 7 step system during a month I increased
my score on 7 points.Thank you Michael. Your system is perfect.


Hello Mr Michael,

I hope that you are doing great.

I don’t know if you remember me, I am kelly from your online course and i just want to thank you very much for your help and your support too.Your course was such a benefits for me and I passed the toefl ibt and got 78/120( my previous score last year was 56) and with your help I achieved my goal( my goal was to take 71/120).I really appreciate your support and I am grateful for your help and the confident you gave me to pass this exam and go to the university.

Thank you again for your help and for everything you have done for me to pass 🙂

have a nice day,


Hello Michael,

I am one of your student on 7 steps TOEFL iBT. I gave TOEFL exam on 13th July and i got score 81 and it meets to my college requirements.
Thanks a lot for your kind support and help and I really appreciate you provided very helpful information to me regarding TOEFL.

Really it is helpful online course that i would recommend to my friends and others who need help to pass TOEFL iBT test. So, Here i am going unsubscribe this course. This is one of my best online course experience.

Thanks & Regards,



Hello Micheal !

I want to let you know that by the grace of Almighty, and with your help, I have got the required scores in the TOEFL ibt test for pharmacy license. I took the test on 13th of July, and just got the result. My scores are R=23, L=22, S=26, W=27. TOEFL ibt is defeated. Eureka moment for me. In the end, thank you very much for your guidance and support. You have also made me a TOEFL ibt grader lol 😀 .

Raza Ali


Hello Michael,

While I was studying TOEFL, I had utilized your website to improve myself. So, thanks to you I got 97 ( reading:26, listening:22, speaking:22, writing:27) , but I am difficulty in finding doctoral program in US. I do not know how to search or apply. Therefore, can you help me or suggest me something it helps? Btw, I graduated from medical school in Turkey and I am looking for PhD or master in Public Health or Health Sciences, and so on.

Thanks a lot



Hi Michael,

This morning I received my TOEFL scores!!
Thank you very much for your teaching. I reached my objectives 96/120, Reading 26/30, Listening 23/30, Speaking 23/30 and Writing 24/30.

My university asked me 90/120 and a minimum of 21/30 on each part.
I was surprised by my reading score because I had some difficulties to understand the texts. But your advices to always look up the context were helpful!

For listening, I could have done better but the questions were very tricky!

For writing, I did great for the integrated task but I had some problems to respond correctly the question of independent essay.

For the speaking section, I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!! I was very anxious because I struggled a lot. I had only one month to prepare on your website and you said I have a very strong French accent! But I did it!!

Thank you very much for your help and also all of your team (Luis Mena =) )!! For me, it’s a great achievement because a lot of people I know laughed at me when I talked about passing the TOEFL. If I’m accepted to McGill University, I’m sure I will improve my English especially my speaking. Also, I highly recommend your “7-step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” to anyone who wants to succeed and achieve a high score. Thank you again and sorry for the long message! I wish you all the best for your future plans!

Sofiane Debagha


Dear Luis and Michael,

I just got my son’s IBT score; total score of 104, 23 for Speaking and 27 for Writing. It’s above 100 target! He utilized only your speaking and writing lessons and practices, as he already got good score on the ‘passive’ sections of the TOEFL (PBT > 600).
He found the followings from your online courses were very useful:
1. Pronounciation exercises.
2. Writing practices. Your writing practices are more challenging than the official toefl ones. I think this helped him to deal better in the real test and scored 27.

Thank you very much. In the future, I’m sure I will be using yours again for my other sons.



Dear Michael,

Last Monday, I had a good surprise: I just received the result of my last TOEFL exam (I took it when I was sick, and I clearly didn’t believe that I performed poorly…): total 107, speaking 24, writing 28. This score satisfies the language requirements of my future university. Therefore I would like to cancel the “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” program immediately.

I also would like to thank you for your time and support. Your program really helped me, and I have to say, it’s well designed! I hope other people will be able to profit from your teaching method!

Best regards,

Pierre-Alexis Musy


Hello Michael,

(“THE FOUNDER OWNER AND THE MATERIALS WRITER FOR ALL OF MY LESSONS AT THE 7 STEP SYSTEM TO PASS TOEFL IBT”- I always like this statement, the way you say it every time so enthusiastically which charges me each time! )

Well, Thank you so much for helping me improve my skills of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing not only for TOEFL but for every walk of life. I am really very happy to receive my score today and yesssssssss!!! I have done it… I wanted 80 overall, and I scored 81. I am really grateful for your patience, dedication and putting extra energy to help me get through. You might have remembered that I joined your service on March 15, 2013 and used it for two months till May 14, 2013. I burnt the midnight oil to get the desired score.

Its good that I scored 81, would have done much better if I would have not shivered in the first two tasks of speaking session, Also, I knew my mistakes in listening and reading task but could not correct it… Don’t know what happened to me that time? anyways, just wanted to THANK YOU SINCERELY from the core of my heart for believing in me. I would not have scored this marks if I would not have joined your service. ALL CREDIT GOES TO YOU- Michael… as you wanted me to believe in myself and my abilities. Your words of encouragement still lingers “Take TOEFL as a job, and just do it, your will surely succeed…”and yes! i did it!

I have significantly improved my scores from 63 to 81. Here are my scores, Please have a glance.


Test Date







Sat June 11 09:25:57 EDT 2011








Test Date







Fri May 31 07:46:36 EDT 2013






Thank you for inspiring me and so many of the many students who’s life have never been the same since they met you. You are undoubtedly the best teacher I have ever met.

Regards and sincere Thanks,



Hello Micheal !

Even though I did not achieve my desired score in speaking and reading, but I still want to thank you for the helping materials you provided to improve my TOEFL iBT score from 80 to 100. I am glad that the combination of your vocabulary, writing, listening, and tutorial classes helped me achieve almost a perfect score in writing and listening. Here are my scores:

Reading 20 (improved 3 points using your course)
Listening 28 (improved 7 points using your course)
Speaking 23 (did not get the goal score of 26 but still improved 3 points in 2.5 months, and the major improvement was in questions 4 and 6 in which I got 3.5-4)
Writing 29 ( improved 7 points in just 2.5 months, and I have to say you have the best writing section, and those who want to improve writing should use your writing section)

Overall, I improved 20 points in just 2.5 months by using your course contents. In TOEFL test, I found reading passages very difficult because I underestimated the reading portion and did not fully prepare it. Moreover, I think that speaking requires confidence more than any thing else, and I lost 3 points because I lost confidence in start of the speaking section. But now I am confident that I can achieve an almost perfect score by practicing for another 2 months more or less. I will again join your course after a break because I am searching for a Job.
By the way, thank you very much for such a great help.



Hello Michael
I signed up in your course last month, 10 days before my TOEFL test. I just want to say one thing: Thank you!!! I did it great. I reached my goal and finally I got more than I was expecting. I increased 7 points in 10 days following your suggestions and studying from your materials, however, I do not suggest to do that. Better someone else must take your entire course (30 days) instead of take it in 10 days like me.
I didn’t used to trust in these websites, but my results speak for me (From 78 to 85 is not a big deal but worth for me). Of course, I will recommend your website to all my friends. I still need to improve my english and I will continue taking your course few more weeks. Best!!!



Dear Mr. Buckhoff,

Good morning.
I am H.K.  and had the pleasure of taking your TOEFL course last month.

My results came in today as follows:

Reading: 29
Listening: 27
Speaking: 26
Writing: 25

I am surprised to see my scores in 2 ways:

1) I thought I messed up the Listening section because it really threw me off when other test takers started the Speaking section when I was still doing the listening.

2) I thought my Writing went really well but the score says differently. I wonder why.

Aside from the above, your course prepared me more than enough for Speaking in my opinion. I really didn’t and couldn’t say everything I wanted to say on the actual test (I mean…it’s almost impossible?) but ultimately knowing well how to organize my speeches helped me a lot, it seems.

I am not satisfied with my overall score because I could’ve perhaps gotten a 110 but I think for now I’ll start preparing my grad school applications first.

If I ever take the test again, I’ll make sure to report my scores to you. Once again, thank you very much for your help.


Hi Michael!

TOEFL scores are now available for the test on 04/27/2013. I scored 102 in total!!!
Thank you very much for your help!

Unfortunately, my score in reading is really bad. Although I scored in the practice tests at least 28 points, I scored only 23 in the actual
TOEFL test. One reading passage in the TOEFL test was very hard to understand and I had severe problems to answer the questions.

During the listening part it was really hard for me not to fall asleep because the passages were really long but easy to understand. So I
scored 26 in this part.

The speaking part was hard for me and I had lots of hesitations in my speeches. Especially the independent tasks, which I practiced mostly, I
scored less than at the integrated tasks. But still I scored 24 in total, which is awesome!

The writing part is just my cup of tea and therefore, I scored 29 points! 🙂

Once again, thank you so much for all your efforts!




Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for the test evaluation. And I really appreciate the sample test you give at the end of evaluated essays to improve my writing skills. I am really satisfied with your service. I approached many of my friends and encouraged them to join your course. I would love to help you in grabbing more students and making students like us better each day. Thank you for improving my English proficiency. Also, I admire your comments on my speaking tasks on voxopop talk group. The way you pin point every single mistake makes me revise the lessons and enrich my ways of learning and practicing speaking tasks boldly. Its been so nice of you.

Thank you for everything.


Dear Michael,

I am happy to inform you about my TOEFL score result, which i have got today. It is 92!!!. My previous result was 85. It was a really cognitive breakthrough . Especially reading section: from 16 to 22 points. Thanks a lot, you are doing a great job.!!!


Michael: I wanted to take a minute to share my scores with you. I got 30 on Reading, Writing & Listening; 27 on Speaking. A total of 117 out of 120. I believe when I speak I tend to use a lot of fillers (like: ummm.. etc) – that & the fact that I’m more of a intuitive speaker than a composed (or prepared) one.

Your thoughts on making notes definitely helped – a lot. Once again, THANK YOU for taking the time & responding. You are a wonderful person – I wish you the very best.


Comments to Dodge


“Hi Michael
I’m happy to inform you that I recieved my toefl scores: (103) reading 26, listening 24, speaking 28, writing 25. I enrolled in your course for almost 6 months then I studied by my own for another 2 months. My goal was to pass the exam from the first attempt, thats why I dedicated enough time to study for it and consequently I Passed :) ))….. thank you so much for all your efforts. You were indeed a great motivator and I will certainly recommend your course for anyone who is planning to take the toefl :)


“Hello, Michael!
I just received my TOEFL scores!
I left the test feeling that I could have done better in the speaking section (I was too anxious) and in the writing section (I didn’t have the time to finish my conclusion in the integrated writing task); therefore, I wasn’t sure whether I would reach the 100 points I needed…
Check my scores attached  🙂
I thank you Michael, Jacob and Marcus for the precious tips. You do a great job!
And I will definitely recommend the 7 Step System to my friends!
Best regards,


“Hi Michael,

At last I passed my toefl exam. I got R-21, Listening- 22, Speaking- 27 and writing-24.

Thanks for all your support and motivation.





Inna passed the TOEFL iBT


“Hi Michael,
I just got my result for the toefl  test that I have taken last week.
My score is 96.
Split: Reading-23,Listening-22,Speaking-27,writing-24.
I don’t have words to express my thanks to you.
I promise you that I will inform  anyone who needs to pass this exam.
Yours sincerely


“Dear Michael,

Thanks to you and your staff for helping me with my 1 month preparation for the TOEFL.  I´ve just received my score:

I´m quite sure your 7StepSystem course really helped me a lot.



“Hi Michael,

This is your previous student. I just wanted to thank you very much for your service. It helped me a lot. These are my most recent results, which I was looking for.

Thanks a lot,



“Hi Michael,

I retook the TOEFL iBT on 12th May and got the desired score – 116 (R30, L30, S26, W30).  I thank you for all the speaking practice tests and comments that helped me boost my speaking score.



Hi Micheal,
I just want to thank you for all those words of encouragement and support. I passed my 2nd toefl with a total score 102 { R25, L26, S27, W24. My first attempt was 87 {R19, L23, S24, W21} and i was very discouraged and disappointed but you encouraged me to keep fighting.
 I needed a score of 89 {R21, L18, S26, W24} for my pharmacy certification and you really helped me to achieve that.
Thanks a million and remain blessed.
Best regards,
Samuel U


“Hey Michael,
I just got my TOEFL score – 113 overall, and I’m thrilled about it. (Writing/Reading – 29, Listening – 28, Speaking – 27). I want to thank you for your great tutoring – you really helped me a lot. I used your service for about a month, and that made all the difference – your input and guidance really helped me do all the right things. I think your service can help anyone at any level, since you make sure your students focus on what they require the most. So, once again, Thank you!


“Hello Mike,

I am happy to inform you that I got 28/30 in the TOEFL/iBT speaking section. Your course material, training, feed back was very valuable and helped tremendously . I attribute them for my success. Thank you for taking the initiative to help people sincerely.




“Hello Michael,

I got 99 in toefl: Reading/listening – 24, Speaking – 26, Writing – 25. Thank you very much for your great support. Your 7 step system is very helpful.

Thanks again,



“Hi Michael!

   I am glad to say that I got 85 on the TOEFL! I practiced more reading speed as you recommended me, and retook the test on September 21. I retook only two weeks after the previous test
because the ETS website showed a place to take the Toefl near to my house, when I was trying to order another test, and if I had not made this test, probably I would have to take the TOEFL in another state far from here. In Brazil for this time has a lot of people looking for doing this test. A funny thing was that this time I went to see a concert, the scorpions band, one day before the test in other state, and came back after the concert, slept and went to take the TOEFL at 1:30 pm. Therefore, I think that because I did not think much about the TOEFL I could decrease the pressure and anxiety before the test. The only problem was that I forced my voice singing the songs and it was bad for speaking section. Anyway, my score was:
Reading 22  Listening 20 Speaking 18 Writing 25 = Total 85
This time I could finish the reading section 3 minutes to spare. It’s really important to read every day about a subject matter that you have interest, as you told me, in my case I read a lot about memory techniques
like mnemonics and so on. Those techniques, such as keyword memory, have been very useful to learn new English words from your  vocabulary section.
In the listening section, listen to the radio and TV were essential to become my ears faster. Listening is a big problem when you are not living in a place where the native language is English, so it is important to keep listening even when you are on computer or driving, even you are not pay much attention to it, listening the sound in the background, it will help you get used to language, intonation for example. In addition, to practice taking notes and to study listening pay attention a lot constantly is also important.The speaking section was the worse section for me. However, during my studies I could realize that if you listen a lot you will improve your speaking as well. It’s like to read a lot you will improve your writing.
I studied using your system but I did not put a lot of emphasis on speaking, that’s why I did not record many audios, because I knew that getting a good score in reading, listening and writing I could reach the score of at least 80. So I focused more on vocabulary section, and also reading and listening.  I knew that if improved my vocabulary the sum of the points on these sections, even I increased just one or two points, it would make more difference in the total score than if I increased only the speaking section. In addition, to increase many points in speaking section is really hard.
The writing section was the section in which I was more confident. In integrated writing I could understand main points through reading passage and listening and I wrote four paragraphs. I thought that I got a good score in this section I think about 28. On the other hand, in the independent writing I had problem to manage my time because I spent much time on the introduction, however I could use some more complex vocabulary and structures that I have learned using your system. I though that chatting with natives speakers and saying to them correct some mistakes that you are making is a good practice to decrease the amount of errors while you are typing and grammatical errors as well. Nevertheless, just chatting is not enough  to pass the TOEFL, because the vocabulary that you use is not academic generally.
Anyway, thank so much for your help Michael, your system has really been useful for me. I think this score is enough for the place that I am applying for PhD I think, but I am going to continue use your system to improve my English skills. Maybe, in a near future( January 2013) I would go to take the TOEFL again and try to reach score 100 or more.


“Dear Michael,

I want to thank you for the great support and help with the preparation for TOEFL iBT. I have passes with a score even higher than I could ever dare to dream: 105/120.

I am very happy that I have chosen your 7 Step System. It was very comprehensive and useful for my case – only 3 weeks to prepare for the exam, comparatively good command of English and no experience with the format. What helped me most was your personal touch and recommendations on the speaking and writing. I felt you more like a personal English coach, than a standardized exam preparation service provider. In addition to that, I had the ability to set my own pace and program and pick and choose to work in the areas I had the biggest gaps in. This is a great advantage for someone with very demanding job and busy schedule.

I believe that the $35 are money very well spent. If I were to hire a private teacher, it would have cost at least three times the price! Moreover, I am determined to continue working with you on my English pronunciation and especially on the intonation using your Speak Clearly Module, which, unfortunately, I just didn’t have time to finish. Keep up the excellent work in coaching people from all over the world and huge THANK YOU for everything.

Mariya Kutelova Sofia, Bulgaria”



“Hi Michael,

I just got my toefl results today and I have 102 overall: R-27 L-30 S-24 and W-21.

I am really happy about my speaking because I’ve never gotten more than 22. Although this results is still not good enough for me (my goal is S 26 and W 24), I am very satisfied that I have improved and the only reason is your 7 step system! Even more important is that I believe in myself again, and I am positive that with your service I can reach my goal; it is just a matter of time. I will ask toefl service to review my test because I had the max score in Independent essay and fair in Integrated so I do not know why is the overall result for W only 21.

Thank you!


Mirjana Plavsic”



“Hey Michael,

I wanted to let you know that I received a 99 on my TOEFL test (taken on 17th Dec 2011). The split up is 24-reading, 25-listening, 26-speaking and 24-writing. This was my first attempt at TOEFL. I was aiming at around a 100/120 and I am very satisfied with what I have achieved.

I was initially nervous about speaking because first, I was talking to the computer and second, I felt the pressure of time. STEALTH has really helped me gain my confidence in the speaking section such that my highest score is in the speaking section.

I would really like to thank you so much for your help. I would gladly recommend ” the 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” to all my friends who are going to take the test.

Wishing you and loved ones a very happy and prosperous 2012!

Shruti Kamath”



“Dear Mr.Buckhoff,

This is to let you know that with your wonderful methods of teaching through your website, I have got the last bit I need from TOEFL.

The first six attempts were actually by myself’s trials and errors, as I have told you. I could get between 22-23 speaking score which was not enough. But this last one, after I had about 1 month preparation putting the effort into improving the speaking part, rehearsing the pronunciation from your 1,500 vocabs collection and repeatedly doing all of your speaking exercise. Now, I am through the primary requirement into the targeted province of the Canadian medical system.

Therefore, with your great teaching strategies I wholeheartedly pledge my testimony to confirm that anybody who wishes to achieve the best score of TOEFL should solemnly, patiently and carefully follow your instruction. Together with your insight, it is worth much more than the subscription. We are an ocean apart but you could see me through and gave all the right comments, particularly sitting TOEFL exams in succession is like running a marathon. However, what I did not take just one from you was, I did not have a can of beer to make me relax the day before the exam.

I am sure you would keep up the all the excellent works for students who wish to improve their English skills. Best of luck, Michael. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Somshart Wannissorn”


Hi Michael,

I took the TOEFL test in mid June and I got the result today.
Reading 19  (17 last time)
Listening 24 (16 last time)
Speaking 26 (same)
Writing 24 (21 last time)
Total 93
I didn’t reach the passing score, 100 for my graduate program, unfortunately, but there is an improvement, I scored 13 points higher than the last time.
I knew 1 month study wouldn’t be enough time for me, but I just wanted to give it a try to make the program deadline.
This tells me that I’m not ready for the graduate program anyway.
I’m not sure if I keep trying TOEFL, I may pursue something other than a degree, but I started experimenting a different method to improve my reading skill.
I think that will be useful, anyway.
Thank  you for your course, it helped me being motivated and improving my English proficiency.


“Hi Michael,

I just got my TOEFL results: reading 25, listening 27, speaking 24 and writing 27 or 103 over all. Previously I scored 89 ( reading 23, listening 23, speaking 22 and writing 21). Using your service I improved all areas but especially writing and I am very happy about it.

I want to say thank you very much for your help, motivation and excellent teaching. You are great teacher and your 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT is an excellent service for students who want to have better TOEFL score.

Happy New Year and I wish you the best.


Ivana Njegovan”



“Hi Michael,

Your program is great and it has helped me to score over 100. Today, I have received my Toefl score, which is 106.On this occasion, I would like to thank you for your helpful advice and comments. You and your colleague are doing a great job and through this program, I have improved my Toefl taking skills significantly. In addition, the way you motivate your students is amazing – it gave me extra confidence.Your program 7 Step Stealth system to approach the Toefl ibt is unique of its kind and enormously effective in the outcome!Great program and thank you very much.”




“Hello Micheal,

I’m writing this comment to tell you that finally I passed Teofl Exam with a magic 26 on the speaking section and 29 on the writing section, and that would never happened without your help and hints.

Actually, I want to tell other subscribers about something weird which happened to me during my trials to pass the toefl exam. I started to take Toefl exam last year depending on my knowledge and without any help. Everytime i scored 23 on the speaking section and 22 on the writing section.

After the fourth time I decided to be one of Michael Buckhoff’s students. I signed up for his service for 3 months, and I did Improve my speaking and writing skills, and I was sure enough I would do it this time.

So, I decided to take the Toefl exam again, but the shocking news was that I scored 24 on the speaking section and 27 on the writing section (which means 5 points more due to Michael’s help). I took the exam again, and I scored AGAIN 24 on the speaking section and 29 on the writing section, and that was unbelievable because, due to the instructions and the way of scoring, I was sure that I was qualified to pass the speaking section. Therefore, I ordered a RESCORING service for the exam and the ETS center DID CHANGE my speaking score to 26.

So , if you are sure that you did perfectly on your exam, and you did take these lessons with Michael for enough time to finish all the 7 steps , DON’T HESITATE to do rescoring for your exam. They are human rators, and they make mistakes.

And finally, I wish every TOEFLer good luck 🙂





Thanks for all your guidance. I passed my Toefl with a magic score of 26 in speaking. I was subscribed to better toefl scores.com for three months. It helped me to improve my reading and writing skills. I scored 28 in writing,with the help of your comments.

Although, your suggestions on organization and unity helped me to improve my speaking skills,but from my experience I can say that we need to give a specific example for atleast one point from our organization in the speaking. The example should impress the listeners.

Moreover, the integrated writing, should follow the same organization like independent task.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions and goodluck for your students.




“Hi Michael:

I want to share very good news with you. I just got the TOEFL scores and here they are: Reading: 21; Listening: 23; Speaking: 24; Writing: 27. Total: 95.

The university was asking me for 93 and minimum 22 for speaking and writing. So, I got it! Even though reading was not great; I was extremely nervous and it was the first one. I spent more time than I should and could not work properly in the last reading.

I want to thank you for all your feedback and information provided in your course. I was able to get this score based on your guidance and feedback. I studied just for two weeks. I could not believe that I was going to be able to get the score in the first attempt. You are a wonderful teacher and your system is awasome.

My monthly registration finishes today but I would like to study with you for a while, specially in speaking and writing. Should I stay with the 7 Steps System or would you suggest a different course to improve my speaking and writing. I am a psychoterapist, so I am really interested on doing it the best I can.

Thanks again,



“Hi Michael,

I am so glad to have joined your talkgroup. Your 7 step system has a very comprehensive review for the Toefl ibt exam. I went straight ahead to the speaking skills because I know that it is my weakness in the teofl ibt secton but I believe that the other 3 sections:reading, writing and listening will teach me more strategies that will be beneficial for passing my toefl-ibt.I am impressed on how you touch base to every student and follow up on each one of them.Your personal interaction encourage us more and make us persevere to achieve our goal and pass the toefl ibt test.I will definitely recommend your 7 step system to my colleagues and friends.

More power,



Dear Michael,

Hope that all is well for you. I would like to inform you that I succeeded to get suitable scores that I tried to get. Below are my points;


Test Test Date Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total
TOEFL ibt Sat Jul 28 10:28:02 EDT 2012 17 12 19 21 69

To be honest, I took six times the test during four months. Finally, I got it. Of course I know my points are not very good, but I improved my marks in all four skills.

I really thanks for your useful system specially speaking step which was very useful for me. Thank you again for your helping.  Below are previous scores you can see my progress.

Test Test Date Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total
TELXML Fri Apr 20 11:41:34 EDT 2012 14 14 14 12 54
Test level Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total
TOEFL IBT B1 4 9 16 13 42
Best regards


“Hi Michael,

How are you??? My name is Mariana. I took a TOEFL test last year and I got the score 78. I needed 79 to apply for MBA.

I tried to study own my on for almost half year. I had less than one month when I found your webside, even though I had studied your lessons for just one month they helped me a lot. I took the TOEFL test one more time last March 27th and I got the score 93. :)Thank you so much for you help! Your lessons were really helpful for me!

I wish the best to you! God bless you!

Mariana Da Silva”



“Hi Michael,

Today, I received my TOEFL score. My overall score is 100/120. The break up is as follows:

Reading: 22/30

Listening: 25/30

Speaking: 26/30

Writing : 27/30

I want to thank you for helping me. I liked your STEALTH series. I liked your passion about teaching and you want everyone to succeed. I did not have much time to prepare. I was nervous but after watching your lectures, I was confident that I would do fine.

In the end, I want to tell you that you should be proud of yourself that what an incredible teacher you are. I am also a teacher but I teach Microsurgery which is little bit different from English and I commend the efforts you put in your students(including me) with continuous guidance through your newsletters and videos.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions and correct this letter.

Take care,

Syed Gillani, MD”


Hey Michael,

Even though I did not study all the contents of your “7 Step System” as I should because of the pressure of my English school, I got benefits from it and I understood many things about which you told me on my pronunciation. I understood the variety of sentences also, and it helped me a lot to understand that there are different ways to write smoothly. Unfortunately, I did not take enough time to study the reading and the listening sections which I could have improve much more, but I did not. I worked on my speaking and writing most on the last months, and I tried to do so with reading, but it still a problem for me. My point is that your system enable students to have the foresight for some parts of the language other than getting a high score on TOEFL which really depends on the student him/herself at first.

Anyway, when I first subscribed in your syste m, my score was 62. Now I have earned: 76

Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total
12 22 18 24 76

As you see, if my reading is normal like others I would have scored around 85..

I thank you for your great system, and I encourage students who struggle with TOEFL to try you system at least one month.

Last thing, could you please cancel my subscription?

Thanks for your time,
Best of best, 🙂



I can say that it’s very important to organize your time efficiently to reach your target score.

my first toefl was 72 and after 3 months I was able to score 84.

Therefore I think it’s important to have strategy in your study, by the way I want to thank you Mr Michael your tips were very helpful to me especially in speaking section because I scored 23.