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TOEFL Speaking 26 Newsletter
TOEFL Speaking 26 Newsletter

Why am I qualified to write this TOEFL 26 Newsletter?

I am Michael Buckhoff, the founder, owner, and materials writer for STEALTH, “The 7-System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” Helping students to reach their desired speaking subtotal scores is one of my priorities. Toward this aim, over my 25 year teaching career, I have taught more than 35,000 students.

What does this newsletter contain?

The TOEFL Speaking 26 Newsletter reflects all the tips and tricks that I have learned that help students score higher than 26. A few days after you subscribe to this TOEFL Speaking 26 Newsletter, you will begin getting a series of e-mails. Each e-mail will introduce a lesson. Moreover, I will include a link so that you can go to the complete free speaking lesson.

  • Learn what you have to do to score 26 on the speaking section of the exam. You will get tips to help you improve your delivery, language use, and topic development.
  • Listen to students’ responses and a TOEFL iBT’s specialist’s comments, including what scores the students get and why. I provide audio feedback to my Online TOEFL Course students every time they complete a speaking practice test. Further, you will get to listen to some of that feedback. As a result, you will start getting used to the common types of TOEFL speaking errors that students make.
  • Read motivational stories of pharmacists, nurses, doctors, physical therapists. All of them were able to reach their TOEFL speaking 26 goals. Some of the students online I teach reach their TOEFL speaking scores within a month or two. On the other hand, other students take much longer. I will share these success stories with you.

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I will help you to reach your TOEFL Speaking 26 goals!


Michael Buckhoff,



17 thoughts on “TOEFL Speaking 26 Newsletter!

  1. Hello Mr.Micheal
    I am preparing to toefl but I have to get 80 score in the exam in limited time between 3 months . actually I don’t know my level in English but I know one think that I want this score badly I could study 12-15 hour daily can you help me to reach that score in this limited time I wanting your answer thank.

    1. Mustafa,

      You will need to take a full-length TOEFL iBT practice test before I can get the full picture of your academic English language abilities. Therefore, I am including a link to full-length TOEFL iBT practice tests. These ScoreNexus TOEFL iBT full-length practice tests are guaranteed to be accurate and realistic, just like the real TOEFL. Your practice test is professionally graded. You will receive a score just like what you would receive on a real TOEFL test.

      Once you complete the practice test, be sure to discuss your results with me, and I will recommend a study guide to best help you to reach your TOEFL goals.

      Here is your 10% Discount Coupon Code: MBuc2f42v5

      Go here to buy a ScoreNexus full-length iBT practice test:



  2. Hello michael,
    would you kindly suggests me how to take TOEFL free mock test links with proper guidance so that i could even send mine recorded speaking with necessary feedbacks for overall.Don’t you provide those opportunities with free of costs?, as i am really looking to improve my toefl score because i completely messed up in first attempt.

    1. MJ,

      Other than my free newsletter, I do not offer anything for free. I use this Online TOEFL Course to support my family, so you can think of this as a business. If you join my Online TOEFL Course, you can complete ONE speaking and ONE writing practice test each day, and that will cost you $45 a month.

      Here is the type of feedback you will get from me when you complete speaking practice tests:



  3. Hello Michael….
    I dont know where to start from but my hardest section is the speaking one but the problem is how to organize my thoughts and how to express it at all especially in the 3rd & 4th tasks.
    I’d appreciate if you could help me

    1. DB,

      Here are my video comments on how to improve your TOEFL speaking score on 3-4 tasks:



  4. Hello, I am Komal from India.
    I have taken toefl test twice and was not able to score 26 in speaking. my last score was 106 with 23 in speaking. How do I improve my speaking score to 26?
    I am a healthcare professional and need score of 26 in speaking for my professional license. I have only 2 weeks of time to prepare and give toefl test again.

    please help me.

    Thank you.

    1. Komal,

      Here are my video comments to you:



  5. Dear Dr.Michael,

    I came to the US more than two month. I plan to go university to learn computer programming in fall next year. So i need to prepare for my toefl ibt from now. I didn’t take toefl ibt test yet. I saw your online course on website, I believe your course can make my english better than now. I can study five hour per day. Can I take your online course?

    I’m looking forward from you.

    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Hannah,

      Yes, you can join my Online TOEFL Course by going here:



  6. Hi Micheal,

    My name is Meg. I’ve just stumbled upon your website, but I’m kind of confused how do your programs work. Is it a monthly subscription for which I’m getting charged every month, if YES what is the cancellation policy, do you require 30 days notice or so? Second, do I have an access for each of the sections then, I mean vocab. practice, pronunciation, full length tests, etc, or for each section I have to pay extra?
    I’ve taken the Toefl test already 4 times, so ‘m sort of sick of it, but in order to pursue my healthcare profession in US I have to get score of 89/ 120 with the breakdown as follows R: 21, L: 18, S:26, W: 24
    However my scores are as follows:
    1. Sep 2015- R: 22, L: 22, S:24, W: 22, TOTAL 90/120
    2. Jan 2016- R: 20, L: 24, S: 24, W: 23, TOTAL 91/120
    3. March ’16- R: 23, L: 26, S: 22, W; 23, TOTAL 94/120
    4. July 2016- R: 22, L: 27, S: 24, W; 22, TOTAL 95/120

    Could you Michael suggest the study strategies for me just by looking at my scores?
    Do you think I could benefit from your 30 days Toefl writing study guide?
    Do you offer the same 30 days study guide for speaking section?

    Thank you and looking forward for your answer,

    1. Meg,

      Here are my video comments to you:

      Happy Holidays!


  7. Hi
    My composite Toefl IBT score is a 102
    R:29 L:28 W:26 S:19
    I will be applying for undergrad in the States.
    My primary aim is to improve my toefl speaking score to a 24-26 range and hopefully higher.
    I want to improve my writing score too.
    I messed up the first two questions of the speaking section.
    I froze for a few seconds and I was unable to produce content.
    (I prepared for merely 4 days and I have taken the test only once)

    1. What course do you recommend and for how long do I require?
      Why are everyone here asking about the study guides and which guide do I need?

      1. I actually do not need to write the toefl exam again because undergrad schools require a minimum score of 90 or 100.
        However,I want to improve my speaking skills due to the following reasons.
        I have always found myself doubting my communication skills and I encountered a lot of situations where I wasnt able to express myself solemnly.
        Moreover,When I went to the states last year,some people were not able to understand what I was speaking and they asked me to reiterate twice.
        Therefore,I want to improve to such a state where I can speak fluently and confidently.

        1. I can prepare for about 3-4 months if required.

      2. LK,

        Since you already have high subtotal scores in all sections except for speaking, I will recommend my TOEFL speaking boot camp course for you. Follow the link to the study guide for this course. You can join the course whenever you are ready to start e-mailing me speaking and pronunciation practice:

        My course will help you to speak more clearly and more confidently.

        Good luck!


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