TOEFL Speaking Tips for 26+


Scoring 26+ on TOEFL speaking is difficult. Those scoring at that mark represent the top 10% of the millions of students who have taken the TOEFL. How can you become one of the top 10% of all TOEFLers?  How can you score higher than 26+ on the speaking section of the TOEFL exam?  A series of videos will give you some clues on how to score high on the speaking section.

TOEFL Speaking
TOEFL Speaking

TOEFL Speaking: There is not just one way to practice speaking.

As you learn in this video, practicing speaking involves more than just memorizing templates and recording speaking practice tests. In this case, this student who scored 27/30 on the speaking section gamed with players from the United States. Hence, even though he did not live in the US, he was still able to develop a high level of speaking fluency by playing online computer games with players in the United States. In other words, there are many ways that you can practice TOEFL speaking. Find a way that works for you.

TOEFL Speaking: Stay the course and do not give up until you pass.

After watching this video, you learn that Khalid completed 266 TOEFL speaking practice tests before he was able to score 26 on the speaking. It may take you a few months before you reach your goal. Therefore, do not give up, be patient, and practice until you pass.

TOEFL Speaking: Get ideas from others

In this TOEFL speaking video, you hear directly from other students on the kinds of practice that you can do to improve your English.  Find other students who have scored high on the speaking section of the TOEFL. Learn how they studied. Learn what they did every day to improve their speaking. Two heads are better than one, right?

TOEFL Speaking: Get professional help with your speaking!

The student who sent me this e-mail got professional advice and feedback before taking the TOEFL exam. Moreover, similar to Khalid, she completed 100’s of practice tests. After each practice test, she closely monitored her delivery, language use, and topic development for possible problems. Then she would complete the same practice test again.  Practice makes perfect, right? Follow what this student did, and you will be surprised how quickly you can improve your speaking.

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,