Yuna studies TOEFL for two months and then scores 90.

Yuna had formerly taken two courses to improve her skills in academic speaking and writing. Yet even with the help of these courses, Yuna noted how she still could still not improve her score past 22 in speaking and writing. Having last scored a total of 81 with: R-21, L-18, S-20, and W-22; Yuna was still 9 points shy of reaching her set goal of 90. Probably realizing it was time for a change in her studying and lesson plans, Yuna made the change and subscribed to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” For this reason, Yuna achieved TOEFL success in just two months with Michael’s: 60-Day Online TOEFL Course 7-Step Study Guide with an Emphasis on Writing, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Speaking.

Yuna’s introductory comments to Michael were listed as:


I hope you could advise me. I have taken the Toefl Exam 2 times,

The first time: Test Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total- Sat Apr 27 08:46:07 EDT 2013 19 17 19 21= 76.

The second time: Test Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total- Jul 13 09:58:05 EDT 2013 21 18 20 22= 81.

I need a score of 90. I really don’t know where my problem is. Altought I have attended 2 courses for the speaking and writting part I can’t get more than 22 points. I’m going to take your 7 step system and I was wondering if you could help me to reach my dream score in 1 or 2 months. I’m very worried about the speaking and writing because some “toefl teachers” had checked my essays and they said that they are fine.

Hoping to hear news from you soon,


After joining Michael’s “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Michael recommend that Yuna take his 60 Day Lesson Plan to improve her score by an additional 9 points.  With Michael’s 60-Day Online TOEFL Course 7-Step Study Guide with an Emphasis on Writing, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Speaking, Yuna noticed remarkable improvements after some time in her speaking and writing abilities.

To begin, Yuna studied Michael’s pronunciation, speaking, grammar, and writing lessons every day.  When working on both the speaking and pronunciation sections, Yuna performed multiple vowel and constant exercises, thousands of pronunciation drills and practice tests, hundreds of integrated and independent skill building practice tests, and exercises teaching extensive instruction in properly delivering the word stress and intonation of words through the exclusive Voxopop Discussion Group. With this, Yuna bettered her English proficiency in regards to speaking and felt ready to tackle the grammar and writing sections.

Secondly, when completing grammar lessons, Yuna learned basic and advanced sentence structures, verb tenses, word forms, word choice, parallel structures, and so on. Having access to college level editing, grammar, and writing; Michael’s grammar lesson plans improved Yuna’s punctuation, editing, and writing. Furthermore, while working on various integrated and independent practice tests in Michael’s writing section, Yuna gained competence in independent and integrated writing skills like: decoding the writing task, organizing a coherent response, and writing detailed developmental paragraphs. Thus, with Michael’s writing section, Yuna improved her writing proficiency and overall sentence organization.

By Michael recommending his 60 Day Lesson Plan to Yuna, Yuna was able to reach her goal of scoring 90 on the TOEFL iBT. Yuna’s TOEFL scores were listed as 90 with reading- 23, listening- 20, speaking- 23, and writing- 24. In the end, with “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Yuna improved her proficiency in both speaking and writing. By making a helpful decision like Yuna in joining Michael’s course, you will have completed the first step towards your success, so subscribe today and improve academic English proficiency with numerous English lessons and practice tests.

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