When your TOEFL score will not improve, try these tips.


Studying for the TOEFL can be arduous, and the improvements might not come as fast as you would like. Consider the case of Tana, who took the TOEFL exam about a year ago and scored 69.  Then, the following year, she took the TOEFL exam and scored 87, which is a dramatic improvement from the previous year. However, she immigrated to the United States and wants to get a Master’s Degree in Architecture. To her frustration, her graduate program requires a score of 100 or higher, so she took the TOEFL exam three more times, each time scoring right around 85. Therefore, she sent me an e-mail asking advice on how to get unstuck out of her TOEFL rut so she can score more than 100.

Getting this score will not be easy, and she will need a lot of TOEFL iBT speaking and writing practice to boost her score. In addition, she will need to improve her vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, and reading proficiencies.  Here are my comments to her:

From what I can tell, Tana is motivated, and, if she follows the steps I outlined in the video, she will be able to join the TOEFL 100 club.  And that is a cool club to be a part of!





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