Maya practices for the Speaking Section of the TOEFL iBT and scores 27.

Seeking an opportunity for TOEFL iBT speaking practice to speak English clearly with intelligible pronunciation and speaking skills? This was the case Maya Ordonez. Formerly, Maya’s speaking proficiency was insufficient for her to meet her goal of 95/120 on the TOEFL IBT. However, during her 90-Day Subscription to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course, Michael helped Maya make large improvements to her speaking proficiency in English. How’s that? Well by having helped international students reduce their foreign accents and to speak English more naturally for more than twenty years, Michael Buckhoff has improved the speaking and pronunciation proficiency of students from around the globe.

In Maya’s case, Maya devoted much of her time and attention to Michael’s renowned pronunciation and speaking sections. All the while, during this period of time, Maya received everyday access to several speaking tasks which strengthened both her pronunciation and speaking abilities in just three months.

This being said, with regard to Michael’s pronunciation section, Maya was instructed through many pronunciation tasks in order to improve her fluency in English. For instance, one of Maya’s assignments was to go through exercises where she tested her ability to pronounce a variety of vowel and consonants. Similarly, Maya regularly studied Speak Clearly Lessons to improve her stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, and blending skills. As a result, Maya improved in her speaking fluidity and pronunciation by having developed comprehensible pronunciation in English.

Furthermore, with the guidance of Michael’s speaking section, Maya had the benefit of having an IBT speaking specialist evaluate her speaking practice tests and give her helpful advice in regards to her delivery, language use, and topic development. How’s that? Well Maya was given the assignment of going through and completing speaking practice tests which challenged her ability to constructively answer speaking questions in English. As a result, Maya steadily improved her ability to respond coherently to these speaking practice tests with competent delivery, language use, and topic development.

In summation, after ninety days Maya learned to speak English competently with intelligible pronunciation and speaking skills. With this in mind, when Maya messaged us the results of her latest TOEFL IBT attempt, Maya scored a total of 100/120 along with R-25, L-24, S-27, and W-24. To achieve similar results, consider directing your speaking concerns to TOEFL Specialist Michael Buckhoff. Come again, Michael has educated numerous international students to learn English as a second-language by having built a comprehensive website that covers many solutions to particular speaking difficulties and problems.

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