Mani joins an Online TOEFL Course to improve his listening and reading proficiencies.


Yesterday, Indian native Mani joined my Online TOEFL Course in order to improve his TOEFL score from 69 to 80. On his previous TOEFL score, Mani scored 80/120, with subtotals of 14, 13, 22, and 20 in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections. Like many international students, Mani needs a score of 80+ so that he can enter a graduate program in the United States.

Therefore, after joining my course, Mani sent me the following e-mail:

Dear Michael,

I scored 69(14 R – 13 L – 22 S – 20 W) in my last TOEFL iBT and wanted to score 80+ to confirm graduation admission and passionately started my preparation and enrolled for the 7 step system to pass TOEFL iBT. Please assist me in order to get better TOEFL score. I am waiting for login credentials to proceed further with the course.
From my experience, every student preparing for the TOEFL exam is unique in both the academic English language strengths and weaknesses and the reasons for taking the TOEFL in the first place.  Therefore, based on the information that Mani provided, I created a specific TOEFL study plan to help him reach his goals:

Michael Buckhoff
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