An Online TOEFL Course helps students improve their speaking and pronunciation proficiencies.

Having trouble with your academic speaking, intelligibility, and pronunciation of American English? Need extra help? Then consider joining Michael Buckhoff’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”

Recommending lessons in his TOEFL course to help you improve, Michael offers lesson plans like vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking lessons which target in building competent speaking skills in order to support generalizations on the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL iBT. Furthermore with speaking lessons like these, a listener can understand what students are saying without being distracted by awkward pauses and unclear intonation. Having this in mind, many students have built proficient speaking skills when accurately following the lesson plans in the vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking sections; a brief review of what these lessons have to offer is listed below:

With the vocabulary section, Michael’s students can successfully build proficient TOEFL vocabulary with many lessons, exercises, and practice tests for mastery of 1,700 TOEFL words.  For instance, there are lesson plans like Vocabulary List of 500 Words: A-E, E-P, and P-Z which has test questions and audio files for mastery of 1,500 TOEFL words.  In addition, the vocabulary section has PDF Vocabulary Lesson 3, which is a 150 page basic vocabulary E-book for mastery of 200 basic TOEFL words. Overall, this helps students support generalizations on the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL.

With the pronunciation section, students are provided  with 1000′s of pronunciation drills and practice tests which allow for them to have extensive practice with vowel and consonant sounds and instruction in the stress, intonation, and pausing of words. In addition, the pronunciation section has over 40 Speak Clearly Lesson Plans which focuses on improving students’ skills in syllable division, grammatical word endings, word stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, thought groups, and blending. Overall, this helps students speak without awkward pauses and unclear intonation but instead with intelligible pronunciation.

With the speaking section, students learn competent speaking skills: decoding the speaking task, organizing a coherent response including a topic statement, delivering supporting details in the body of the speech, and ending with a conclusion. How so? Well there are various practice tests plus 100′s of skill-building exercises which improve students’ speaking proficiency. In addition, there is an Exclusive Voxopop Discussion Group to post responses online. With this, students are given feedback and suggested lessons provided by iBT speaking specialists who score students’ practice tests based on the students’ overall delivery, language use, and topic development.

All in all, Michael’s TOEFL course can really help you improve your academic speaking proficiency and with time many students have built proficient speaking skills when accurately following the lesson plans in Michael’s vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking sections. So consider joining Michael’s TOEFL Course and reach the English speaking proficiency you have needed.

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