Sarahy uses an Online TOEFL Course to Improve her listening and speaking skills.

After failed expectations, Sarahy re-subscribed to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” Sadly, Sarahy received a failing admission into her university because she was not able to meet her university TOEFL requirements. Finding this to be unacceptable, Sarahy was a former student in Michael’s course and it is presumed she believed his material was deep enough for her to be able to take the exam again and securely attain her goal. Required to score above 85, Sarahy requested Michael’s teaching to improve her listening and speaking apprehension.

After Sarahy joined, it was noted that she had trouble with her listening and speaking abilities. For instance, Sarahy did not present the main ideas and points in listening passages coherently enough when giving oral summaries during listening comprehension questions. In addition, Sarahy lacked sufficiency delivering rich details in the body of the speech when answering questions from independent and integrated speaking tasks. To help her improve, she followed Michael’s listening and speaking sections to help her improve to the fullest extent.

In regards to Michael’s listening section, Sarahy was taught to catch the key ideas and critical details of campus-related and academic listening passages. How so? Sarahy learned to take notes and practice taking notes as she completed 40 + listening practice tests. Because of this, Sarahy learned essential characteristics of natural speech by developing a note-taking system such that it helped her complete many listening, speaking, and writing tasks. In addition, Sarahy picked up additional tips and tricks like inference and understanding transitions with many listening lessons. Thereafter, Sarahy had become better prepared for Michael’s integrated speaking lessons.
In regards to Michael’s speaking section, Sarahy was taught to develop competent speaking skills such as including a topic statement, organizing a coherent response, and delivering rich details in the body of the speech. How so? Sarahy reviewed fifteen different speaking lessons, multiple integrated and independent speaking tests plus had additional feedback provided by IBT speaking specialists. Thereafter, Sarahy picked up additional tips and tricks like thought groups and blending.
Ultimately, Sarahy continued to improve her listening and speaking competencies on a regular basis which resulted in her scoring 93/120 when she took her next TOEFL exam; Sarahy’s listening score was 24/30 and her speaking score was 24/30. Interested in improving your English proficiency? Like Sarahy had already, consider joining Michael’s course to meet your university requirements.

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