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12 reviews for 3 Month TOEFL Course

  1. Abdulaziz Alghanmi


    This Abdulaziz Alghanmi from Saudi Arabia. I would like to join this program as part of my preperation of my TOFEL exam in 2nd June.

    The course name is : ” 3 Month TOEFL Course ”

    Shall I expect more than 10% discount ?

    Abdulaziz Alghanmi

    • Michael Buckhoff


      How about I offer you a free video correction of one of your independent or integrated writing practice tests? I charge %50 for this service normally.

      After the video correction, you will know all of your writing limitations.



  2. Nur

    HI Michael,


    I have decided to take your 3 months course for TOEFL preparation. Is it possible to make a discount?

    Thank you-

    • Michael Buckhoff

      Yes, I can offer the course to you for $99, and I will still allow you to send me pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice test my e-mail. In fact, I will send you an invoice for that amount right now.

  3. Nur

    Hi Michael,


    I am really pleased receiving the offer. Thank you so much. Should I wait for the invoice? Or I can pay directly from this website? Thanks a lot again.


    • Michael Buckhoff

      I also have a credit card option at checkout if you prefer that method of payment. Just make a payment of $99 as we have already agreed upon.

  4. rumi


    I checked out your 90-day TOEFL plan and wanted to suggest it to my sister. She has not yet taken the exam but her estimation On her proficiency is about 65. She needs to improve that score to 100. She has 8 months time, from which 3 months would be full time studying and the remaining would be 2-hour studying. I was thinking that she may enroll for 90 day plan first and then improve from there.
    My questions are:
    1) do you use TPO materials for listening and readings? Is your plan flexible to materials so that she focuses on TPO materials?

    2) She needs, for sure, feedbacks on speaking and writing. Are you going to provide comments and feedback on her writings and speakings assignments?

    Great thanks in advance

    • Michael Buckhoff


      If your sister wants to use TPO materials, that is fine. I will grade whatever TPO speaking and writing tasks that your sister sends me.

      However, I believe that you may be a bit misguided on what your sister needs to do to improve her current estimated TOEFL score of 65. Taking a whole bunch of TPO practice tests will not help your sister score higher than 100. Your sister needs to improve her academic English proficiency.

      Therefore, I suggest that your sister use my 6-month TOEFL Course to do exactly that. Rather than a test prep web site like Magoosh, TestDen, Notefull, or ETS, my course “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” will give your sister the vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking practice that she needs to improve her English to reach her goal. If you want her to use TPO materials, I would suggest her only using those during the last 2-3 weeks of her eight months of study.

      Follow the link to the outline for the 6-Month TOEFL Course I recommend for her: 6 Month TOEFL Course:



  5. Leena

    I do not have much fluency over spoken English but my goal is to get minimum 26 in speaking 22 in reading, 21 in listening and 24 in writing. Will your course help me achieve my goal? Should I complete any prerequisites before using your course?


    • Michael Buckhoff


      What is your current TOEFL score, including subtotals? If you have not taken the TOEFL exam, I will recommend that you take a full-length TOEFL iBT four hour practice test so that you can find your current level.



  6. Leena (verified owner)

    Hey Michael, Yesterday i bought three months Tofel prep course but I am not able to use that course. And i haven’t received any email from you. so please guide me here.


    • Michael Buckhoff


      I will enroll you in my course right now and send you your password and username information.



  7. Franz (verified owner)

    Hi Michael,
    I already join but can I ask? How login to access the course material.
    Would you please to tell me?

    • Michael Buckhoff


      I am enrolling in my course right now.



  8. Ruby

    I give 5 starts to this 3 month TOEFL course, because the course is well designed for students with different English levels and also the specialist can give you correct and precise guidances in order to improve your leaning efficiency. This course really helps you to gain a higher score of TOEFL.

  9. Aleksandr

    Dear Professor Buckhoff,

    I had been practicing for 2-3 months on my own before taking a TOEFL test 4 years ago and I got 92 (R-20, L-25, S-22, W-25).
    Since then, I have been using English at my work; thus, I think that at the moment my English is better than 4 years ago.
    Could you please advise me on which option to take? I feel that 3-month course would be the best option and I could aim for >105 focusing more on my Reading and Speaking.

    Thank you,

  10. Rendy B J

    I used the stealth course for about three months. When I started the course, I have no idea what should I improve from my speaking and writing. I tried to consistently send my speaking and writing practice to Michael. Thanks God I got total 107 score which passed minimum criteria for grad school I am looking for. I got 30 for reading, 28 for listening, 23 for speaking, and 26 for writing. Thanks for the feedback and guidance, Michael! You helped me a lot.

  11. Mary

    Hi. Please help me. How do I buy 3 mouths TOEFL course?


    • admin

      Make your payment using either credit card or PayPal.

  12. Beza

    Hi Michael
    i have willing to attend three months TOFEL test course because i becomes hard to get international scholarship programs with out it but i have not pay pal card or credit card to pay the fees from Ethiopian so, how can you help me please?

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