30-Day TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course

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This intensive TOEFL speaking course includes

  • accent reduction training:

diagnostic pre-test for vowel and consonant sounds.

diagnostic pre-test for syllable division and grammatical word endings, word stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, and  thought groups and blending.

diagnostic post-test for pronunciation intelligibility and speaking fluency.

  • three-prong approach to improve your delivery, language-use, and topic development issues.
  • completion of 15 speaking practice tests followed by quality feedback from a TOEFL speaking mentor who has more than 22 years of TOEFL teaching experience; in addition, if this is not enough speaking practice, you can send a speaking practice test to be scored every 24 hours!
  • 1 month unlimited access to more than 700 vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking skill-building lessons.

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20 reviews for 30-Day TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course

  1. Rama

    I took the Toefl last week and my score increased by 16 points from the last time I took the Toefl ; I hit the 100; it took me 2 months of serious studying.

    I really appreciate your help Michael; you actually give your students the faith that they can get the scores they want to get. And the steps on your website give a clear direction and goals for students to know how to continue.

  2. Sumaia

    I really like how you evaluated my pronunciation and identified my specific problems with my vowel and consonant Sounds . I recommend your course to every one who wants to make improvements in his English and achieve the toefl score they want.

  3. Yoshi

    Michael does exactly as he advertises. I completed a pronunciation pre-test, and he told me what my weak points were so I could begin reducing my non-native speaker accent. In addition, he allows me to complete speaking and pronunciation practice daily. I send him about 60 seconds of audio practice each day to his e-mail, and then he provides me with several minutes of feedback so I can learn my mistakes. Finally, Michael’s course has 300 independent speaking topics that I can practice. I am definitely improving my speaking, and I am confident that I will improve my TOEFL speaking score.

  4. Day

    When Michael provides me audio feedback on my TOEFL independent and integrated speaking tasks, he replays my recording . As he replays my recording , he provides feedbacks on my introduction , body, and conclusion . In addition , he offers grammar and vocabulary feedback so I can understand my mistakes. He even will correct any parts of my pronunciation that are unclear. Furthermore, Michael suggests specific lessons in his course that address my specific problems . His pronunciation , language use, and topic development feedback is helping me to understand why I am scoring 22-23 points right now . I really believe that his comments will help me to reach 26 points on the TOEFL IBT . Joint his course today if you want to benefit from a TOEFL speaking mentor who has more than 25 yeasts of instruction. Ihis course is really worth and he is wonderful professor and very helpful .

  5. Iris (verified owner)

    Do I want to learn all by myself, spending a considerable amount of money registering several TOEFL Tests at one time and wishing to get lucky, or, do I choose Michael, an experienced TOEFL human rator and responsible mentor? It’s not a difficult question.
    When I signed up for this course, I was terrified to say things out loud. But after 2 months of practicing, when I made speeches on my class, I was praised for my pronunciation and delivery. It is hard to persist in practicing, especially when what I am going through is the horror that has haunted me for many years. That is why I need a professional mentor, giving me specific, clear guidance and encouraging me to stick to my goals.
    Michael listens to my speaking tasks, points out the parts that I need to work on, all I have to do is to follow his advice and try to deal with my biggest problem. I don’t have to strengthen all my weaknesses at one time. I just take it easy and solve things one by one, and I can see how rapid progress I have made. It’s a remarkably effective way to learn without suffering. Of course I need to work hard, but I love it.
    One can achieve anything with enough patience and diligence, and Michael does make the process a lot easier and more enjoyable.
    Of course I am confident that I will get 26 points or higher on my TOEFL iBT.

  6. RP

    When I started preparing for TOEFL, I was not sure to opt for which course. My main focus was on speaking and writing as these two sections need professional evaluation. The 30 day course for TOEFL by Michael satisfied this criteria. What’s unique about this course is, one can get rating on his/her speaking task every single day. In addition, Michael listened to my speaking and pointed out which segments I need to focus more. He assessed my strong and weak points and suggested specific lessons in his course. His suggestions on how to improve intonation and pronounciation was really helpful. Moreover, consistent practice is the key to improve speaking. With his constant feedback and suggestions for over a period of 30 days, I was able to score 26 in speaking. Thanks to Michael and I do recommend this course to TOEFL students.

  7. Teshale

    Hi Michael,
    I am so excited to let you know that I just got that ‘dream’ toefl speaking score of 26.
    I am really appreciative of your expertise and experience of toefl teaching. Even though I may not be considered as one of your good students (interms of making recordings on practice tests and sending them to you for feedback on a daily basis), I am very positive that your study program and your sharp and accurate feedbacks on my practice tests have played great roles for the success.

    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you so much.

  8. dina

    an amazing teacher, I have taken this course for 6 months, and MR. Micheal helped me a lot in improving my speaking dramatically until I got my required scores to obtain my pharmacy license. I highly recommend this course.

    • Michael Buckhoff

      Congratulations to you, Dina, for having scored 27 on the speaking section of the exam. It was not an easy battle for you, but you achieved your goal. I wish you the best of luck in your Pharmacy career.

  9. Tugce

    Hi Michael,
    My toefl score is 87. (R: 18 L:23 S:20 W:26) I need at least 101. I need to improve my speaking and also reading skills. I want to understand the course content clearly.
    If I take 30-Day TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course I will have unlimited access to this boot camp when times I want, not just for 1 month right? And purchasing with this speaking boot camp, I will also have unlimited access to 1 Month $49 toefl course for just 1 month without any payment right?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Michael Buckhoff

      Yes, if you take the TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp course, you will have unlimited access to all of my lessons, including all of those in the 1-Month $49 course without having to make any additional payments.

  10. osamah

    First of all, I’d like to thank this man for his enormous support and advice that he gave me throughout my journey with TOEFL. Especially with speaking section, His notes and advice significantly impact my scores. I strongly encourage people to take this course with this awesome tutor. Thank you so much sir.

  11. Anjali Kumari (verified owner)

    My speaking has improved very much since I joined this course. The everyday speaking reviews are really helpful as Michael sir points out specific places to improve upon. I also feel involved in this course. He also has organised lessons on pronounciation and vocabulary fom beginner to advanced level. Since the cost of the course is affordable, I would definitely suggest people to take this course..

  12. TY (verified owner)

    I took the TOEFL test for 3 times before enrolling in Mr. Buckhoff’s Speaking Boot Camp and could not meet my goal of 26. After reading the course description I believe this is exactly what I need, a professional speaking evaluation service.

    After only a few times of mock test evaluation, I clearly recognized what held me back from a high score and improved on them accordingly. This study routine is efficient, affordable, and most importantly, effective. I took another test 20 days later and got a speaking of 27.

    Thank you, Micheal! I highly recommend this course.

  13. Sara

    Thank you michael for your help. You help me with the speaking and writing sections and I got my target score after 2weeks of practice .

  14. Jennifer

    Michael’s review really help me a lot, I was aiming for 26 in speaking and I got it on my Toefl exam. He is very strict and gives you evaluation on point. So thank you so much!

  15. Reko

    Do we practice together daily ? Or the speaking camp means I send you an audio daily?

    • Michael Buckhoff

      You will send me your audio files, and I will give you feedack that way.

  16. aseera

    why we can not access the table of content, the site directs us to 404 page?

    • Michael Buckhoff

      Try now. The course outline is now available.

  17. C. Patel (verified owner)

    I took TOEFl exam several times but was unable to score 26 on speaking. Then I joined Michael’s speaking Boot Camp course. He helped me with my pronunciation, grammar and language delivery. I had lost hope that I can score 26 on speaking but after joining Michael’s class, I regain strength and worked hard as per his advices and tips. Finally, after two months I got 26 on speaking and improved my speaking.

    Thank you Michael, you are one of those teachers whom I will never forget.

  18. GE

    Thanks to Michael, I got 27 on my speaking section!

    Michael is a responsible and diligent man who will always provide accurate feedback based on your pros and cons in every task.

  19. Dina (verified owner)

    Hi Michael,
    I just joined your speaking boot camp, will I be able to start immediately today?
    Will I receive something on my email to set my account.
    Please advise,

  20. Nabin Prasad

    Hi, Michael, I want to join your speaking Bootcamp. Please can you tell me the procedure?

    • Michael Buckhoff

      Start sending me your speaking practice tests by email.

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