Do not miss this “TOEFL Talks” face-to-face webinar.

If students want to learn more about the TOEFL test, they are encouraged to check out the “TOEFL Talks” face-to-face webinars so that they can get information about the TOEFL test. For example, the webinar provides an overview of the TOEFL exam, it discusses the advantages of the TOEFL test for admissions purposes, it explains how to register for the exam, and it even explains particular test preparation tools that students can use in order to get the highest possible scores on the exam. This webinar is administered by the TOEFL iBT Resource Center in English and in local languages and is free of cost to students who access these materials.

In the next part of this brief article, I will explain about the TOEFL Search Service that ETS explains in their webinar. TOEFL Search Service is a tool universities use to get in touch with students if they are interested in the profile that these students created with ETS. Students are not required, ETS states, to join the search service, but they can select to join the service. This tool is useful for those students who may not have decided on a major yet. ETS explains that a university might be looking for a specific type of student with a certain major. For example, maybe the university might be looking for a Saudi student who wants to study Engineering here in the United States. Then, the university will search ETS’ directory for this particular type of student, and, if the student has the scores for which the university is looking, they may send the student an offer, even possibly a scholarship or grant.

Finally, another benefit of participating in the “TOEFL Talks” webinar is that students will learn about the TOEFL Test Day video which explains what happens on test day when they take the TOEFL exam. By watching this video, these students will learn what to expect upon arrival, when to check in, and what to expect during the actual TOEFL exam. Moreover, students will learn about how to report and cancel scores. It is important, the TOEFL mentor suggests, to have a look at the testing center before registering for the exam there, so students will know what to expect.

To learn more about this valuable webinar, students should go to I am also encouraging students in my Online TOEFL Course “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” to participate in this webinar so that they can learn more about the TOEFL exam to maximize their potential of getting the highest score possible.