Yuichiro uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 104.

By helping students reach proficiency in American English, Michael’s distinguished Online TOEFL Course can allow for a subscriber to improve in almost everything from reading comprehension, intelligible speaking, critical listening skills, and writing proficiency. With seven renowned sections to choose from, S.T.E.A.L.T.H students’ like Yuichiro have on very many occasions increased their chances of achieving TOEFL IBT success.

With this in mind, taking into account Yuichiro’s reading, Yuichiro formerly struggled reading American English. Slurring his vowels, Yuichiro was not able to read English fluently nor accurately. However, with Michael’s renowned reading section, Yuichiro had numerous reading exercises which helped improve his reading fluency and accuracy. For instance, Yuichiro had several academic reading practice tests to review and test his reading speed in addition to comprehension. Due to this, Yuichiro began reading at an incredible pace of 202 words per minute and even started scoring 26/30 on a number of reading practice tests. Though reading comprehension wasn’t the only skill Yuichiro had improved, Yuichiro had a wonderful outcome in both of Michael’s speaking and writing sections as well.

Taking into account Yuichiro’s speaking, Yuichiro formerly spoke with a moderate accent. Having trouble speaking with conventional fluency, Yuichiro originally scored 22/30 in both independent and integrated speaking tasks. However Michael’s renowned speaking section, Yuichiro had several integrated and independent speaking tasks which rigorously tested Yuichiro’s ability to speak English with conventional proficiency. Furthermore, with daily feedback available from speaking specialists, Yuichiro‘s former accent slowly began to fade away. Due to this, Yuichiro had begun scoring 25/30 on a number of integrated and independent speaking tasks.

Taking into account Yuichiro’s writing, Yuichiro formerly needed to improve his writing proficiency. Writing with errors found in sentence formation and organization, Yuichiro worked on hundreds of skill-building exercises and several writing practice tests to improve his academic writing proficiency. Due to this, Yuichiro had begun scoring 27/30 on a number of writing practice tests in addition to improving his writing formation, delivery, and complex sentence usage. As a result, Yuichiro’s writing proficiency had improved considerably from the aid of Michael’s renowned writing section.

In the end, Yuichiro commented the following to Michael shortly after the end of his subscription:

“Dear Michael,

I am here to inform you that I received a 104/120 on the TOEFL IBT. I now have met my goal of over 100/120. Next time I come back to reach perfect score!

Thank you,


Like Yuichiro, subscribe in order to receive your exclusive access to Michael’s distinguished Online TOEFL Course.

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