Yair uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 96/120.

By no means constrained by time, Yair was formerly subscribed to Michael’s academic Online TOEFL Course. Yair had already tested his academic English once before, however Yair continued to have difficulty with his listening abilities. For the sake of meeting his goals, Yair desired Michael’s help. With over twenty years of academic teaching experience in English, Michael’s renowned system has assisted students from all over the world in seven essential steps. In Yair’s case, Michael’s system allowed for him to develop the academic proficiency needed to answer the listening sections of the TOEFL IBT proficiently and accurately

With Michael’s listening section, Yair had access to over forty academic listening practice tests, sixteen different listening lessons, and over ten hours of instruction by video recordings, web pages, and pdf documents. When working on Michael’s sixteen different listening lessons, Yair learned to sharpen his ability in understanding what are the topic and the main details of academic listening passages and lesson plans. As such, Yair learned helpful listening skills such as: getting the main idea, negative expressions, idioms, comprehending transitions and how to reach a conclusion on the basis of reasoning. Furthermore, Yair learned how to take effective note that helped him to answer listening comprehension questions during Michael’s listening practice tests. Due to this, during the speaking section of the TOEFL IBT, Yair displayed his ability to be effective when giving oral summaries on various speaking assignments.

Yair’s final comments to Michael are listed below:

“Dear Mr. Buckhoff,

Thanks for your listening section, I now scored 96/120 on the TOEFL IBT. Now I am able to enroll into my courses when fall quarter begins. I liked your course very much; I am going to recommend it to all my friends to improve their English. Thank you for everything. As requested, here are my scores: speaking= 25, writing=23, reading= 24, listening= 24.



With all this, Yair had become a more efficient listener while subscribed to Michael’s academic Online TOEFL Course. By way of consistently completing listening practice tests and lesson plans from Michael’s listening section, Yair gained the ability to listen to listening passages and interpret the main ideas in his own way. In so doing, Yair scored 96/120 when he took the TOEFL exam five weeks later, with R-24, L-24, S-25 and W-23! Do you want to meet your TOEFL goal like Yair had? Then consider subscribing just like Yair.


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