Visit EnglishClub if you are a learner or a teacher; join and get their ESL Progress newsletter.

Operating online for more than 16 years, EnglishClub is a premier membership site for both learners and teachers of English. In fact, more than 100,000 people have joined the web site. And there is good reason to join because English Club offers subscribers the ESL Progress newsletter. What’s in the newsletter? Well, you will have to join English Club to get that privileged information.

If your goal is to learn English, EnglishClub has lessons, games, videos, all of which will help you to improve your speaking proficiency.

If you are a teacher or prospective teacher of English, you can take advantage of lessons plans, worksheets, job information, forums, school projects, and even information about administration.

For those desiring to becoming an EngishClub member, you can create your own pages, blogs, videos, photos, and audio. And you can get discussion from other members at the site.

A content-rich interactive site for the English learner, EnglishClub is a web site worth subscribing to:

Also check out this additional resource: Effortless English Club – – has hundreds of free resources, videos, and podcasts. ImprovEDU is dedicated to connecting those wanting to learn with educational materials available online for free.



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