TOEFL Speaking Advice: How to come up with ideas in 15 seconds or less

Hello TOEFLers,

One of  my Online TOEFL Course students is having some trouble coming up with specific details during the TOEFL independent speaking tasks. He has been getting a lot ideas on how to organize his speaking tasks within the 15 second time constraint, but, once he begins speaking, the ideas do not show up in his mind.  Since he cannot come up with specifics, he gives philosophical discussions instead. Because of this problem, he e-mailed me the following question: 

I trust my English, but speaking on a topic in 45 sec is crazy!! I can not find much to talk in 45 sec,( I mean well-organized ideas) How can I manage it? any specific tips??

In the following video, I will give some suggestions what TOEFL students can do to help them come up with creative ideas during the 15 second preparation time for the iBT independent speaking tasks.