Sarai uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 90+.

Because of her subscription to Michael’s renowned Online TOEFL Course, Sarai was able to develop adequate proficiency in American English and score above 90/120 on the TOEFL IBT.

Formerly upon enrollment, it was determined that Sarai needed to develop her American English skills in listening and speaking. Thus, Sarai was instructed to complete in addition to reviewing several lesson plans, practice tests, and exercises in Michael’s reputable listening, pronunciation, and speaking sections. That being said, Sarai received quality instruction to strengthen both her academic listening and speaking abilities.

First of all, without adequate listening comprehension skills, Sarai could have a hard time making out major ideas and details of academic listening passages. Therefore, with 40 academic listening practice tests and 15 hours of instruction being taught, Sarai had the opportunity to build extensive listening comprehension with being able to make an inference and understanding negative expressions, transitions, and idioms. In view of this, Michael’s comprehensive listening section allowed for Sarai to improve her former listening incompetence and to learn to make out major ideas and details of academic listening passages.

Second of all, if one does not have adequate pronunciation in American English, a speaking specialist could be distracted by blundering pauses and unclear pronunciation. In that event, with 47 pronunciation lessons and multiple pronunciation exercises in Michael’s pronunciation section, Sarai had the opportunity to build extensive comprehension with vowel and consonant sounds plus instruction in intonation, word stress, and pausing. Furthermore, Sarai was able to learn quality instruction in: grammatical word endings, sentence rhythm, blending, and syllable division.

Thirdly, with Michael’s speaking section, Sarai was able to improve her speaking proficiency on a daily basis with regards to her delivery, topic development, language use, and general description. For instance, after Sarai had finished taking a speaking test, speaking specialist Michael Buckhoff would have listened, responded, and scored the test within 24 hours. In view of this, with 10 speaking lessons in addition to many of Michael’s speaking practice tests, Sarai had the opportunity to developed competent speaking skills such as: understanding the speaking task, addressing key details during her speech, responding an understandable response containing a topic statement, and closing with a final statement.

Resultantly, Sarai developed adequate listening, pronunciation, and speaking proficiency in American English. As such, when Sarai received the results of her latest TOEFL IBT scores, Sarai scored a total of 92/120 including R-23, L-24, S-21, and W-24. At the end of the day, consider subscribing for you too can develop the American English proficiency you had been longing for with Michael’s renowned Online TOEFL Course.

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