Sandra improves her TOEFL score to 88/120.

For the reason that Sandra’s English was insufficient for her goals, Sandra was recommended to study both of Michael’s renowned listening, pronunciation, and speaking sections in his Online TOEFL Course. With the guidance of Michael’s support, Sandra had several lesson plans to strengthen both her academic listening and speaking ability. How so? Well, as a TOEFL IBT instructor, Michael Buckhoff had built a comprehensive website that covers a listening section that addresses competent listening comprehension and a separate pronunciation and speaking section that covers many listening and speaking issues.

First of all, without proper listening comprehension, someone like Sandra could have a difficult time learning to make out important details of academic listening passages. In that event, with Michael’s listening section, Sandra had the opportunity to build an extensive practice about understanding transitions, negative expressions, idioms, and inference. With forty academic listening practice tests and fifteen instructional hours by web pages, pdf Files, and video, students like Sandra are able to learn to catch the important details of academic listening passages. In view of this, this in depth section allowed for Sandra to absolutely improve her listening proficiency.

Second of all, without good pronunciation, a language specialist could be distracted by awkward pauses and unclear pronunciation. In that event, with Michael’s pronunciation section, Sandra had the opportunity to practice learning vowel and consonants sounds and instruction in pausing, word stress, and intonation. Furthermore with various lesson plans, Sandra was able to learn an instruction in sentence rhythm, wording ending, blending, and syllable division.

Thirdly, with Michael’s speaking section, Sandra was able to improve her speaking proficiency everyday in regards to her topic development, language use, delivery, and general description. For instance, after Sandra had finished taking a speaking test, speaking specialists would have listened, responded, and scored the test within twenty-four hours. And so, with Michael’s speaking section along with his speaking practice tests, Sandra had the opportunity to developed competent speaking skills such as understanding the speaking task, responding an understandable response containing a topic statement, addressing key details in the body of her speech, and closing with a final statement.

Resultantly, Sandra developed desirable listening, pronunciation, and speaking proficiency. As such, when Sandra received the results of her latest TOEFL IBT scores, Sandra scored a total of 88/120 with R-21, L-22, S-22, and W-23. Like Sandra, do not hesitate to address your concerns by subscribing to Michael’s renowned website.

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