Salvatore uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 104.

Do you have difficulties speaking American English that you need to solve if you want to speak more naturally? Well if you like the idea of developing your American English on your own time, then chances are someone like you will be able to reach near-native speaking proficiency with Michael Buckhoff’s renowned Online TOEFL Course. With more than 20 years helping students around the globe speak American English more fluently, Michael Buckhoff has enriched the pronunciation and speaking proficiency of numerous international students. As an illustration, having believed that Michael’s course would help him in pursuit of reaching his target score of 100/120, Salvatore formerly made the decision to subscribe with only two and a half months before taking the TOEFL IBT.

With regards to Michael’s vocabulary section, Salvatore grounded sufficient knowledge to accommodate his general statements in speaking and writing sections with detailed terminology. How so? Well with Michael’s vocabulary section, Salvatore was able to super-size his vocabulary knowledge after being advised to complete comprehensive vocabulary lesson plans and quizzes in order to make use of 1,700 vocabulary words. Due to this, Salvatore cultivated an exceptionally good vocabulary foundation.

With regards to Michael’s pronunciation section, Salvatore grounded sufficient knowledge to progressively develop his pronunciation in American English with a multitude of pronunciation lessons, drills, and practice tests. How so? Well with daily exercises where he needed to repeat certain vowel and consonant sounds, Salvatore trained his troublesome pronunciation abilities in order to improve his word stress, intonation, and pausing of various words and phrases. Due to this, Salvatore developed adequate pronunciation abilities in American English.

With regards to Michael’s speaking section, Salvatore grounded sufficient knowledge to perform well during independent and integrated speaking tasks. How so? Well with comprehensive speaking lesson plans and by communicating daily responses with speaking practice tests, Salvatore progressively developed competent speaking skills such as: decoding the speaking task, stating an understandable response, delivering rich details, and closing with a final thought. Due to this, Salvatore integrated a marked difference in his pronunciation and speaking proficiency.

In the end as a result of these sections, Salvatore credited Michael’s Online TOEFL Course of giving him the benefit of developing his speaking proficiency in American English. Respectively, Salvatore scored 104/120 on his next TOEFL IBT exam with R-26, L-25, S-27, and W-26. Like Salvatore, consider signing up at a low cost of $38 per month in order to attain your individual objectives in American English.

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