Puji needs a TOEFL score 100+ in order to be admitted in her university of choice.

In order to receive admission into her university of choice, Puji was formerly required to score at least 100/120 on the TOEFL IBT. In the past, Puji felt her listening proficiency in English was not where it needed to be for this goal to be met. With inadequate listening skills, Puji needed to improve her ability to catch the main idea and conclude with comprehensible inference. Because of this, Puji had seen potential in her success of passing the TOEFL IBT with Michael’s Online TOEFL Course.

Puji’s first statement to Michael was written as follows:

“Hi Michael,

I am a new student and my last score on TOEFL was reading-24, listening-21, speaking-25, and writing-24. Seems my listening will not improve and I have tired TOEFL 2 times. I don’t get more than 21 in listening two times already, I hope your program can help me.



Only six points away from reaching her target score of 100/120, Puji’s most recent score was 94/120 with: R-24, L-21, S-25, and W-24. This being said, Michael recommended that Puji periodically work out Michael’s listening lessons, practice tests, and exercises in his exclusive listening section. Respectively, Puji improved her listening inaccuracies and overall listening proficiency in academic English accordingly.

During Puji’s subscription, she learned the ropes when completing & studying the content of Michael’s listening lessons. Having been given the task of periodically reviewing Michael’s listening lessons, Puji gradually learned to able to distinguish important details and the main idea of academic listening passages and practice tests. Because of this, Puji learned to gain listening skills as: inference, idioms, negative expressions, understanding transitions, and getting the main idea. Furthermore, during her review, Puji was taught how to effective notes as she completed over forty different listening practice tests. As a result, Puji gained proficiency when writing and summarizing the content of Michael’s many different listening practice tests. Conclusively, Puji built sufficient listening skills over the course of her subscription.

At the end of the day, Michael’s listening section readily prepared Puji with TOEFL IBT question types she would see during her next exam. For instance, Puji learned listening questions types such as: paraphrase, details, pronoun referent, and inferring rhetorical purposes. Reluctantly, when Puji’s subscription was over she improved by seven points. Puji messaged her new results as 101/120 with: R-26, L-24, S-26, and W-25. With all this in mind, if you would finally like to reach TOEFL IBT mastery, do not second guess about joining Michael’s exclusive Online TOEFL Course.

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