An Online TOEFL Course offers a pronunciation post-test for its students.

Hi there,

I am Michael Buckhoff, the founder, owner, and materials writer for “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”  I spent 7 years creating my Online TOEFL Course, which offers more than 700 vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, grammar, listening, and reading lessons and practice tests. Knowing that the speaking part of the TOEFL would be important for many of my international students, I created the pronunciation and speaking  parts of my course so that students would be able to sufficiently solve delivery, language use, and topic development problems to score 26+ on the speaking section of the exam.  Specifically, this post will explain how students use the pronunciation section of my course and will include a YouTube video showing the type of feedback I provide my online students when they complete the pronunciation post-test.

First of all, after students enroll in my TOEFL course, they complete pronunciation pre-tests, after which I will tell them which vowel and consonant sounds with which they are having the most trouble.  Based on my recommendations, these students will go through 24 video lessons, all of which teach them how to correctly pronounce all the vowel and consonant sounds. During their practice, these students regularly complete and post pronunciation practice exercises online so they can monitor their pronunciation on an ongoing basis.

Second of all, once they are ready, these students complete the second pronunciation pre-test, this time focusing on grammatical word endings and syllable division, word stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, and thought groups and blending. Similar to the first pre-test, upon completion of the second pre-test, I will pinpoint which areas the students should focus on the most.  Furthermore, the students continue to  complete online pronunciation and practice exercises, again allowing them to monitor their pronunciation.

Finally, when students feel like they have mastered all the lessons in the pronunciation section of my course, they complete the pronunciation post-test, which allows them to get feedback from me, this time getting feedback on all the lessons they have been practicing.  In the following video, a student will complete my pronunciation post test. Below I include three paragraphs plus the three personal experience questions that  students answer. Watching the video will showcase the individual nature of the feedback I provide my online TOEFL students, all for a low monthly subscription.  In fact, if you need to improve your pronunciation for academic, professional, or personal reasons, consider joining my Online TOEFL Course. You will get the same type of feedback that you see in this video.

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