Pranee joins an Online TOEFL Course and later scores 105.

Pranee’s biggest dream is to study in America to become a pharmacist. Originally from Thailand, Pranee scored low scores on the reading and listening section of the TOEFL iBT. Because of this, Pranee enrolled in Michael’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” Believing Michael would help her to improve in her weaknesses, Pranee was introduced to Michael’s exclusive reading and listening sections; composed of numerous lessons, exercises, and practice tests for Michael’s STEALTH can optimize their skills and perform optimally in given reading and listening tasks. Because of this, in the end, Pranee successfully reported back a personal TOEFL iBT high score of 105 with: R=27, L=25, S=26 and W=27!

Pranee’s initial comments are as follows:

“Dear Mr. Buckhoff,

I am interested in studying the TOEFL course with you.

I would like to pursue my biggest dream that I am able to study in the University in America.

I want to become a pharmacist.

I am currently living in Thailand; I have been living here for nearly 20 years.
My English level may be intermediate.

My last TOEFL test scored as: R=23, L=22, S=26, W=27.

I would appreciate it, if you could give me an advice because I don’t know where to start and I strongly believe that you can help me.

Kind regards


With Michael’s reading and listening sections, Pranee developed her reading and listening abilities. With the reading section, Pranee had 70 academic speed reading practice tests testing his ability to read from 100 to 350 words per minute. In addition, with Michael’s exclusive reading lessons, Pranee learned effective reading habits such as: how to discern main ideas and details, how to understand vocabulary from context, how to understand the organization of reading passages including transitions, and having the ability to make inferences.

Moreover, with the listening section, Pranee learned to catch the main idea and important details of campus-related and academic listening passages. In addition, with Michael’s listening section, Pranee had 15 hours of informative video instruction and over 40 academic listening practice tests to test her listening strength and weaknesses. Because of this and Michael’s exclusive listening lessons, Pranee learned tips and tricks such as: inferencing, idioms, negative expressions, getting the main idea, and understanding transitions. In the end, because of this, Pranee began noticing drastic improvements with her own reading and listening abilities and commented how she felt ready to retake the TOEFL iBT Exam.

In the end, Pranee successfully reported back a personal TOEFL iBT high score of 105 with: R=27, L=25, S=26 and W=27! So like Pranee, have you been needing a solution to your low TOEFL scores? Then join Michael’s renowned 7 Step System like Pranee and began your journey to the high TOEFL score you have been looking for.

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