TestMagic offers learners a chance to prepare for the TOEFL iBT exam. And it is free!

Just from the 3,196 Facebook likes, it is easy to see that TestMagic is a popular web site for students preparing for the TOEFL.  That is a whole lot of likes!

One particular point of interest is the TOEFL forum in which students can post independent practice tests and get feedback from others. Hundreds of essays are posted in real time, and you can read comments from other users about those essays.

Another benefit of visiting TestMagic is the opportunity to see sample TOEFL essays posted from some of TestMagic’s TOEFL writing specialists. Currently, TestMagic has close to thirty model essays, all of which will help you to see how to coherently organize and develop your responses during the actual independent and integrated writing tasks of the TOEFL iBT.

Finally, there is simply so much valuable content at this site that it is not possible to list all of it here. Nonetheless, there is one more thing worth mentioning about the site: it allows visitors to subscribe to a weekly newsletter explaining TOEFL test-taking tips and strategies.  Subscribe today to get this valuable newsletter.

Therefore, to take advantage of this content-rich web site and get on track to achieving a high TOEFL score, take some time right now to visit TestMagic: http://www.testmagic.com/toefl/

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