Steve Ford’s Private English Portal offers online English instruction suited to your business, academic, or personal needs.

Private English Portal, or PEP as it is so affectionately called, is founded by Steve Ford, long-time Vancouver, Canada resident with more than 20 years of  English teaching experience. Ford’s You Tube Channel has reached an audience of more than 10,000,0000 people all over the world.

Ford’s PEP Club membership consists of more than 12,000 + members, and Ford delivers his English and TOEFL instruction through online conferencing software, his own videos produced from both him and his wife Leda Ford, podcasts, and the best English instruction books on the market.

Students who land on his page have the option of buying individual lessons or lessons in bulk, the latter of which include more than 1 year of instruction at reasonable prices.

Therefore, whether you are a company president, a doctor, an IT specialist, a pilot, a banker, a dentist, a lawyer, a sales representative, a professor, a teacher, or student, if you need to learn English or if you need to pass an exam such as the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, or the Cambridge, then you should check out his famous and frequently-visited web site:


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