Learn 4 Good offers free TOEFL preparation exercises.

Learn 4 Good offers free TOEFL preparation exercises to help learners understand the purpose and structure of the test. In addition Learn 4 English includes links to TOEFL preparation courses all around the world.

To further help you, if you go to Learn 4 Good, you will also get extensive practice with English Grammar. In all, Learn 4 Good inludes 11 different structure practice tests so you can become familiar with the three different sentence types in academic English: simple, compound, and complex.

Besides using Learn 4 Good to improve your English Grammar, you can also improve your vocabulary proficiency at this web site by learning about roots, prefixes, and suffixes of academic vocabulary.

Another benefit, among many other things offered at this web site, Learn 4 Good includes a list of possible writing section topics in the writing section of the TOEFL exam.

To conclude, Learn 4 Good is a worthwhile web site to help familiarize you with the TOEFL exam, to gain meanfully practice with English Grammar, to improve your vocabulary proficiency, and to familiarize yourself with the independent writing task questions for the TOEFL iBT exam. Take a few minutes to visit this web site so you can continue on your journey to get a high TOEFL score: http://www.learn4good.com/languages/spec_english_toefl.htm

2 thoughts on “Learn 4 Good offers free TOEFL preparation exercises.

  1. Thank you for creating such a useful site .In 2013 I once took Toefl exam,I had preparation for 2 months, I made 61 score, then I gave up because of taking too much energy and making me work hard. My weak points are paraphrasing, Integrated section in Speaking and Writing and blah … , blah. I hope you will help me a lot.

    1. Nigar,

      Yes, I can help you reach your desired scores. However, reaching your goal will take a lot of energy and work on your part and mine since I will be listening to and reading your pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests. In fact, to reach your goal, you will have to work harder than you may have ever worked in your whole life.

      Your score now is 61, right? What overall score do you want to get, including any subtotal requirements in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections? Once you tell me that information, I will be able to recommend a study plan that will help you to reach your academic English proficiency goals.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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