Goodlucktoefl offers free advice and tips to help you score high.

Those who visit Good Luck TOEFL stay on average 5 minutes when visiting that web site. When you figure the average visit length for most web sites is less than 30 seconds, it can be assumed that those who frequent Good Luck TOEFL are getting useful and lasting information about the TOEFL exam.

First of all, a user will find the site easy to navigate, and the content is delivered in short, easy-to-understand sentences and paragraphs. For example, in the left column, you will see the clickable links: TOEFL Basics, TOEFL Overview, TOEFL Exam Details, Registration, Administrating, and Scoring. You simply need to click on each link to get the information you seek.

Second of all, the information is complete and accurately explained. I am been teaching TOEFL preparation courses at California State University, San Bernardino for almost 20 years, and the primary secondary, and support skills that Good Luck TOEFL explains will help you to improve your score. Moreover, what is particularly useful about Good Luck TOEFL is how the author connects the language skills required during the TOEFL exam to those needed when pursuing academic studies at English-speaking universities.

Finally, you should definitely visit this site if you genuinely want to prepare yourself for the TOEFL exam and for your furture academic studies. Good Luck TOEFL will equip you with the tools you need to reach your academic English goals:

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