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  1. im interested in working with you publishing your courses in my website

    1. Ervin,

      Here are my comments:



  2. Mary,

    Here are my comments:

    I e-mailed you your e-mail links and html code you can so people can purchase my course at my web site.

    Merry Christmas!

    Hi Michel,
    My name is MM from Spain I have been preparing in a hard way with your method TOEFL STEAL for almost three months. I am very happy because I have gotten to increase my score from 59 to 76; however I need following studying and learning English in order to get a higher score until 79. I am increasingly near. I hope to increase my English when I arrive to Los Angeles, (California) in January 3th because I am going to study in Ucla.
    Nowadays, I am ready and willing to start the proposal about creating a web page in which to apply marketing digital strategies in order to target traffic and visitors to your system of subscription in http://stealth.bettertoeflscores.com/.
    I would like to know if you follow being interested on the proposal written below.
    If the response is Yes, I could start to develop it right away.
    I hope your response.
    Thanks very much.

     I really appreciate the proposal you make me in order to collaborate with you on your business. Indeed, I have a Master Degree in Computer Science and a big part of my career has been developed in Digital Marketing. Further I have a wide of experience in this industry working in the promotion and sales on line.
    Your proposal is very interesting for me and I am willing to collaborate with you. If I have not misunderstood, you propose me to create a new website oriented at selling your preparation TOEFL courses that you teach on line, promoting it through google, bing and yahoo as well as in other digital channels such as facebook, twitter, youtube, etc., and so I would get 30 % of the income due to the first subscription of each new student when someone click on submit bottom. I would like you confirm me if my interpretation is right

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