Online TOEFL Course: “Can I send you ONE speaking and ONE writing practice test to you daily?”

Hello TOEFLers all over the world!

DP, who joined my Online TOEFL Course two days ago, is on a mission to get a high TOEFL score. Here is a message he sent to my Facebook page:

Dear Michael,

I went through your course and found that it was a very well organized course. My problem is that I have my TOEFL on July 25 and so I have relatively less time to go through everything. MY focus is on Speaking and Writing.

I would appreciate if you can suggest me any way I can maximally utilize your course in the upcoming 10 days. I can dedicate 10-12 hours a day to TOEFL study these days. Additionally, I am wondering if there are any ways I can take at least one Writing and Speaking test every day and your expert can evaluate my performance. This would help me boost my score in these two sections.

Let me know if the course has any messaging feature that enables me to talk with you. I hope Facebook messaging works with you.

Thank you very much for your time.



Here is my response to his questions:



Michael Buckhoff–founder, owner, and materials writer for “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT”

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