Niko improves her TOEFL score after taking an Online TOEFL Course.

Earlier this year, Niko took action into his own hands and subscribed to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” Niko, who is of German descent, had already taken the TOEFL before and scored: Reading-27, Listening-27, Speaking- 18, and Writing-29. Noting how his low point was in speaking, Niko asked Michael how he could build his academic English proficiency in speaking to score between his ideal goal of 23 and 24. Having helped thousands achieve high scores on the TOEFL, Michael strongly recommended that Niko complete various exercises and practice tests in his pronunciation and speaking section to improve his scores on his next TOEFL exam.

Niko’s initial comments to Michael were as follows:

“Hello Michael,

Help me please! I already took the TOEFL test and I scored: Reading 27, Listening 27, Speaking 18, and Writing 29. Since I have a low point in speaking section, I want to improve it. My intention is to spend about 1 month, 1.5 hours each day to prepare for the speaking section (the reason is that I am busy with preparing for the GRE). Do you think it is possible for me to get 23-24 point if I take your courses?

Thank you very much.


To answer Niko’s question, yes it is possible! How?

Well with Michael’s informative pronunciation section, Niko had exclusive feedback provided by an ESL language specialist. Moreover, Niko had 50 hours of total instruction and 2 diagnostic pre-tests and 1 post-test plus 1000′s of pronunciation drills and practice tests to build his pronunciation skillfulness. Resultantly, Niko built an extensive practice with vowel and consonants sounds; as well as instruction in the stress, intonation, and pausing of various words and sentences. Subsequently, Niko scored 4.0/7.0 in Michael’s pronunciation intelligibility post-test.

Likewise with Michael’s speaking section, Niko had exclusive Speak Clearly Lessons to improve his skills in: decoding the speaking task, organizing a coherent response including a topic statement, delivering rich details in the body of the speech, and ending with a conclusion. How many to be exact? 300 independent and 20 integrated practice tests plus 100′s of skill-building exercises! After having completed these various exercises, Niko developed organizational skills that he was able to transfer to his speaking proficiencies. Subsequently, Niko scored 24/30 during the speaking section when he took the TOEFL iBT for the following time.

In the end, Niko must have felt a sense of accomplishment and relief once he passed the TOEFL and improved his speaking proficiency! Through comprehensive skill building lessons, Michael’s pronunciation and speaking sections helped Niko successfully pass the speaking section of the TOEFL iBT. Like Niko, do you need to build intelligible pronunciation and speaking skills? In other words, you need to speak English fluently and clearly without being distracted by awkward pauses and unclear pronunciation.  Well like Niko! Consider joining Michael’s 7 Step System for a better TOEFL score and a lifetime of English proficiency.

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