Needing to score 100+, Tanathan joins an Online TOEFL Course.

Online TOEFL Course

Tanathan joined an Online TOEFL Course so that she could enter graduate school in the United States, and the school in which she hopes to enroll requires a score of 100 before she can begin her law studies. Therefore, Tanathan needs to improve her listening, speaking, and writing proficiencies before she will be able to reach her goals.

First, to improve her listening abilities, Tanathan will use her Online TOEFL Course to learn more than 1,700 college-level words. Reading, matching, grammar, and listening activities will help her to learn the words. In addition, Tanathan will download the audio files of her vocabulary words so she can listen to them while she is out and about doing her daily errands. The listening section of her new Online TOEFL Course offers 40 listening practice tests plus 22 skill-building lessons, all designed to her improve her note-taking strategies and her familiarity of the listening question types and the strategies for answering them.

Second, Tanathan needs to improve her speaking abilities, and her Online TOEFL Course offers skill-building independent and integrated speaking lessons so that she can improve her intelligibility, language use, and topic development when completing the iBT speaking tasks. Furthermore, Tanathan needs a space online where she can post speaking practice tests, and her new Online TOEFL Course offers more than 300 independent and 30 integrated speaking practice tests. Tanathan will post her practice tests at a Voxopop Discussion Group, after which founder, owner, and materials writer Michael Buckhoff will listen to, evaluate, score, and give comments to her. Then, basted on the comments she gets from her TOEFL speaking mentor, Tanathan will review some recommended lessons and repost another speaking practice test. All in all, until Tanathan reaches her linguistic goals, she will repeat this process of posting, getting feedback, and reposting practice tests: the magical 24-26 points on the speaking practice tests.

Third, like the listening and speaking sections, Tanathan’s new Online TOEFL Course offers perhaps more independent and integrated writing instruction than most other TOEFL web sites on the Internet. For instance, Tanathan will study skill-building lessons so that she can learn how to write a sharply-focused thesis, clear topic sentences with appropriate supporting details, and a conclusion that restates the main points of the essay. To further help Tanathan improve, her Online TOEFL Course has a grammar section which helps her to solve hundreds and hundreds of problems, some of which relate to sentence fragments, comma splices, and run-ons; punctuation; word choice; parallel structure; word order; and all the other trouble-spots that non-native speakers have when trying to negotiate the writing process. Of course, Tanathan will need to practice what she is learning, so she is excited to know that her new Online TOEFL Course has 40 independent and 43 integrated writing practice tests. And, after Tanathan completes each of her independent writing practice tests, she will see a model essay that scores 5.0/5.0 or 30/30 points on the actual exam. Like the speaking section, a TOEFL iBT writing specialist will score each of her submitted essays, even recommending specific lessons to help her improve.

In conclusion, Tanathan is now solving her listening, speaking, and writing problems, and it will not be long until she reaches her TOEFL goals. Of course, after that, Tanathan will be able to begin her law studies so that she can eventually pursue her dream job of being a lawyer.

Online TOEFL Course

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