Misaki uses an Online TOEFL Course to reduce her non-native speaker accent.

Misaki formerly explained to Michael how she wanted to overcome her troublesome Japanese accent and improve her English proficiency. English as a second language has helped many students like Misaki to study abroad here in the US, which is why Misaki sincerely wanted to improve her vocabulary and pronunciation abilities for the TOEFL IBT. In the assumption that Misaki searched for a TOEFL preparation course to help improve her English proficiency, Misaki reluctantly joined instructor Michael’s renowned Online TOEFL Course.

In Michael’s vocabulary section, Misaki was provided with exercises and practice tests for mastery of over one thousand TOEFL words. Required to study words until she was able to use them regularly in her natural speech, Misaki eventually learned to read these words and phrases when reading various passages because she developed such excellent vocabulary proficiency. In addition, Misaki learned to contribute to her point of view and beliefs by doing things such as reviewing vocabulary audio files and memorizing the meaning of each vocabulary word.

In Michael’s pronunciation section, Misaki had thousands of pronunciation exercises and practice tests to aid her in improving her pronunciation. Having gone through exercises where she needed to repeat certain vowel and consonant sounds, Misaki practiced extensively in order to improve her stress, intonation, and parsing of a variety of words. In addition, by having Michael provide feedback himself, Misaki developed coherent pronunciation skills in English and paved her success in performing well during Michael’s credible speaking section.

At the same time, these were not the only skills Misaki improved on while being a member of Michael’s course, Misaki also improved her academic proficiency in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. How so? Well with five other sections, Misaki took full advantage of Michael’s course, regardless of her primary purpose of taking Michael’s course to improve her vocabulary and pronunciation skills. Now aided with Michael’s reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections; Misaki now had additional lessons, practice tests, and exercises to now develop her competencies in reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Subsequently, after four months since the start of her subscription, Misaki contacted Michael that she scored a total of 96/120 on the TOEFL IBT. Misaki’s concluding comments to Michael were as follows:

“Dear Michael,

I received a 96! Thank you for having helped me improves my language in English.

Best of luck,


Misaki ended her subscription with higher proficiency in academic English. By considering enrolling like Misaki had already, the stress of the TOEFL IBT can be eased with Michael’s guidance.

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