Mia uses an Online TOEFL Score to get 24 on the writing section.

Having lived in upstate New York when she was a little girl, Mia picked up good grammar and pronunciation skills in English. However, she moved back to Italy with her family, Mia grew accustomed to Italian culture. Having forgotten some of the English she had learned as a child, when Mia returned to the US for college, she mentioned how she could not meet university requirements of scoring above 95 on the TOEFL. Feeling Mia had taken it upon herself to search for an Online TOEFL Course to meet her needs, Mia eventually joined Michael’s “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” In an effort to improve her grammar and pronunciation incompetencies, Mia joined Michael’s course anticipating satisfactory results. This is exactly what she got.

In the beginning, Mia had bad word choice and sentence structure. In addition, she had trouble with things like correct comma usage, semi-colons, colons, and verb tenses. So with Michael’s grammar section, Mia improved her former grammar incompetency. How so? Mia was given lesson plans to improve her punctuation, editing, and writing in English. With lessons like lesson one, Mia was given an instructional video and exercises that helped improve her sentence variety. With lessons three and four, Mia learned about being more concise and improving her punctuation. And with many other writing lessons and practice tests, Mia was able to subsequently improve her grammatical abilities. This accounted for Mia’s writing score to be 24/30 on the TOEFL iBT.

During the pronunciation section of Michael’s course, Mia developed intelligible pronunciation. In other words, Mia learned to speak English fluently and clearly without being distracted by problematic pauses and uncertain pronunciation skills. Because of this, the pronunciation section of Michael’s course allowed for Mia to perform assorted vowel and constant exercises, an abundant of pronunciation drills, and to have an extensive instruction in syllable stress. Likewise, through Michael’s Voxopop discussion group, Mia was given one on one feedback telling her how to: correctly pronounce grammatical word endings, speak with better sentence rhythm, and how to intonate new words and sounds. This accounted for Mia’s speaking score to be 23/30 on the TOEFL iBT.
In the end, as a direct result of Michael’s grammar and pronunciation sections, Mia scored a new TOEFL score of 97 with R-26, L-24, S-23, and W-24. Like Mia formerly was, are you in need of better results? Then consider enrolling to Michael’s renowned course to ensure your academic English goals.

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