Meet Luis Mena, a TOEFL Writing Specialist for an Online TOEFL Course.

Hello current and possibly new recipients. I’m Luis, one of Michael’s site managers and writing specialists for his Online TOEFL Course “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT”. Today I would like to discuss the amazing opportunity it has been working alongside founder and material’s expert Michael Buckhoff.

Working with Michael has been a thrilling experience thus far. This great course was created and offered only after Michael’s completion of his Masters in TESOL. This allowed for Michael to teach English to speakers of other languages around the globe. Having helped students pass the TOEFL since 1994, Michael and I make an effort to give students the best feedback possible in order to help them in their areas of difficulty and concerns. Having graded countless Independent and Integrated assignments as a team; thousands of students have left wonderful comments based on their experience during their subscriptions.

However correcting assignments is not easy. That is why Michael has taught me how to grade written writing practices with the up most critique to detail. Likewise, Michael has helped me to become a better writer and speaker through his expertise working with the TOEFL. This has allowed for me to give students the best estimates for their scores, thus giving them a proper idea of where they currently stand in attaining their goals. After this is done, we give students insightful written or video feedback based on their results. This allows for students to review certain sections within the course and better prepare their problems areas to boost their English expertise. At such a low cost, it amazes me how much time Michael dedicates towards his students year round.

Working as his site manager and personal writing specialist, I have seen how Michael’s great course has helped thousands of people reach their goal of passing the TOFL iBT. For example, through Michael course Tal was thrilled when she scored 29 in Writing/Reading, 28 in Listening, and a 27 in Speaking. Furthermore, with personal help through Michaels’ additional service with an extra one on one feedback, Arturo scored 97/120 with 24 in Reading, 23 in Listening, 25 in Speaking, and 25 in Writing. Don’t be the one to miss out on this amazing opportunity that has help thousands achieve their TOEFL goals. We welcome individual questions from all possible new recipients, so do not hesitate to comment or email us your immediate concerns.


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