Mauricio scores 101 on his most recent TOEFL exam.

In Michael’s Online TOEFL Course, S.T.E.A.L.T.H student Mauricio accomplished meeting his academic goals in American English. In the beginning, Mauricio originally could not seem to find a stable solution to improve his reading and writing in American English. However, by having challenged his ability to reach English proficiency with Michael’s reading and writing sections, Mauricio managed to score 101/120 on the TOEFL IBT.

First and foremost, with the reading section of Michael’s course, Mauricio had the benefit of reviewing over twenty lesson plans and seventy speed reading practice tests. Being taught to regularly read academic reading passages with complexity of thought, Mauricio eventually was able to improve his reading speed from 162 words per minute to 204 words per minutes. Once more, after having regularly completed lessons and words per minute assignments, Mauricio eventually learned to be more of a proficient reader with ability to concentrate well and maintain a good reading speed. Why? Because Mauricio learned to build effective reading skills such as: being able to determine the main idea and important details, being able to tie in the organization of reading tasks, and lastly being able to reach a conclusion with competent reasoning. With this in mind, one could just imagine how Mauricio improved his reading score from 20/30 to 26/30 by the end of his subscription.

After having studied the material from Michael’s reading section, Mauricio had the benefit of being able to review numerous tasks in Michael’s writing section. With numerous independent and integrated practice tests to choose from plus hundreds of skill-building exercises targeting Mauricio’s writing proficiency and sentence organization, Mauricio truly was able to improve his overall writing proficiency with Michael’s comprehensive writing tasks. This being said, Mauricio gained competence writing skills such as: be able to make sense of the writing task, be able to compose a competent constructive paragraph, and be able to compose a final thought. As a direct result, Mauricio’s writing scores were averaged from 24/30 to 26/30 by the end of his subscription.

Taking everything into consideration, when it came time for Mauricio to take his next TOEFL IBT Exam, Mauricio reported back a score of 101/120 with R-26, L-24, S-25, and W-26! If S.T.E.A.L.T.H students like Mauricio can benefit from Michael’s course, then so can you.  A little practice each day for an extended period of time will help you to reach your TOEFL goals with Michael’s renowned website. So consider joining, and you will surely better your American English.  All in all, with Michael’s reading and writing sections, Mauricio learned to be able to optimize his generalizations during TOEFL IBT sections with specific details needed to perform well on the exam.

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