Matheo uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 104.

With Michael’s pronunciation and speaking section, Matheo improved his speaking proficiency in English and ended up scoring 104 on the TOEFL iBT. Given Matheo’s history with Michael’s “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” what’s your solution of improving your speaking inefficiencies? If haven’t found one, consider joining Michael’s Online TOEFL Course and begin your crash course to many of his academic speaking exercises, lessons, and practice tests.In Matheo’s case, he was first recommended to review Michael’s vocabulary section.

With Michael’s vocabulary section, Matheo was provided with lessons and exercises for mastery of 1,700 TOEFL words. With lessons such as, Lesson 4: Vocabulary List of 500 Words: A-E; Matheo was tested in his ability to master words A-E in three ways. Firstly, Matheo was given the task of studying hundreds of words in note cards to help him with the memorization of these words. Secondly, Matheo was given the option of downloading the audio file of these words and practicing them every day to see if he had been pronouncing them correctly; Matheo had even uploaded his progress in Michael’s Voxopop Discussion Group for an iBT speaking specialist to give him feedback. Thirdly, Matheo furthered the mastery of these words by completing vocabulary quizzes. Soon enough, Matheo remembered the synonyms, parts of speech and meanings of these words which set his start to Michael’s pronunciation section.

With the pronunciation section in Michael’s TOEFL Course, Matheoreceived exclusive feedback provided by an iBT speaking specialists in order to speak academic English with proper delivery and accuracy. With multiple vowel and constant exercises as well as hundreds of pronunciation drills and practice tests, Matheo was formerly performing and getting used to sounding many of these new sounds and skills. Because of this, after many weeks with numerous hours of practice, Matheo had begun to properly deliver with adequate: grammatical word endings, word stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, and blending. As a result, Matheo ended up scoring a 6.0/7.0 on his intelligibility post-test and gained immense comprehension with his pronunciation skill set.

In the end, Matheo’s final comments to Michael were as follows:

“Thank you Michael for improving my troublesome speaking. Your skill building exercises were nice and I hope to continue to use his website to further improve writing academically in English.”

For only 38 dollars a month! Begin your crash course to many of Michael’s renowned academic speaking exercises, lessons, and practice tests.

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