Lance, who is looking for an Online TOEFL Course, needs a TOEFL Study Guide to reach his target scores.

Online TOEFL Course

Lance, who has recently taken the TOEFL iBT, has not met his goal yet. Therefore, he has been searching for an Online TOEFL Course. Finally, after landing on the TestDen and Kaplan Online TOEFL Course web sites, both of which were out of his price range, Lance finally landed on a web page advertising an Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” But before TOEFL iBT materials writer and founder Michael Buckhoff can recommend the appropriate TOEFL study guide, he will need three important pieces of information from Lance.

First of all, because Michael will need to know his most recent TOEFL score, Lance posted his subtotals: R= 19, L=18, S=22, and W=18 for a total of 77. On his own, Lance had made remarkable progress as is evident by his previous score last year which was 65. But still Lance had a ways to go before reaching his goal.

Second of all, Michael will also need to know what Lance’s target TOEFL score and subtotals are before he can recommend a study guide, and, since, Lance wants to get his license as a pharmacist, he needs to get at least 89 with the following subtotals: R = 21, L = 18, S = 26, and W = 24. This will be a tall order for him, and he will have to work hard to realize this goal, but it IS possible.

Third of all, Michael, needing to know how much time Lance had each day to study TOEFL, requested that Lance post how much time he could spend daily to study. This was a difficult question for Lance because he was a very busy man. He works 34 hours a week as a pharmacy technician at a Walgreen’s in Houston, and he is taking a few more classes in his Pharmacy program at the university. In addition, he is married, and has three children and a loving wife. Still, despite his busy schedule, Lance was willing to schedule three hours a day to study TOEFL.

Finally, after Lance had posted all the necessary information, Michael was able to recommend a TOEFL Study Guide based on the fact that Lance needed to improve his score by 12 points, particularly needing 26 and 24 on the speaking and writing sections. Furthermore, that Lance was willing to set aside three hours a day to study was also important information for TOEFL iBT mentor Michael Buckhoff. Therefore, Michael recommended his 60-Day TOEFL Study Guide which would help Lance to reach his target scores.

Online TOEFL Course

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