John wants to improve his TOEFL score from 65 to 100+ in 2 months.


Each week, I get 8 to 10 e-mails from many international students, all of whom want to improve their TOEFL score.  This week I got the following message from a student named John:

Hello sir,

I am john. I have 2 months to be prepared for the TOEFL IBT official test and i want to get 100 or better than that score on my TOEFL test, so what do you recommend me to do, to get that score?

Which kinds of materials should i read???

What should i do???

And i must get that score because it is indispensable!



However, I could not answer John’s question because he did NOT tell me what his current TOEFL score is. So I e-mailed him back and sent him the following message:


What is your current TOEFL score? I need a little more information in order to recommend the best study plan for you.



A day later, John replied in an e-mail with the necessary information that I needed so that could recommend a study plan to help him achieve his academic English goals:

Hello sir,

My current TOEFL score is 65. I have a lot of problems in reading,especially in writing and speaking. And recommend me the best study plan sir!




With this new information, I was able to recommend the following study plan so that he could reach his TOEFL goals:

Below a a rough outline of what I recommended for John in the video:

60% of time steps 1-5

1. Read 45 mins daily

2. Listen 45 mins daily

3. Note-taking

4. Write three 250 summaries

5. Give three 60-second oral summaries


40% of time Steps

6. Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Grammar Lessons (2 months)

7. Listening and Reading Sections (2 months)

8. Writing and Speaking Lessons (2-3 months)

9. Full-length practice tests



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