Italian native Eva joins an Online TOEFL Course to improve her grammar and writing proficiency.

Online TOEFL Course

Born in Italy, Eva used to live in the United States momentarily when she was a little girl. Picking up good pronunciation and speaking skills while in the U.S.A., she didn’t struggle much with her speaking ability in English.
Moreover, graduating high school in Italy, Eva was looking to get into a good Canadian university, but the prerequisites required her to pass the TOEFL with a 95 or above! However, Eva had trouble with her grammar and academic writing in English. Taking it upon herself to search for an Online TOEFL Course to meet her needs, Eva eventually came across Michael’s “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” Deciding that Michael’s lesson plans will meet her needs more opposed to other TOEFL Courses, she joined his course to improve her grammar and writing in English and in order to get into the Canadian university she so eagerly had been anticipating.

Firstly, Eva had bad word choice and sentence structure with her writing. In addition, she had trouble with things like correct comma usage, semi-colons, colons, and verb tenses. So with the grammar section of Michael’s 7 Step System, Eva improved in all these areas! For example, she was given lesson plans to improve her punctuation, editing, and writing. Like lesson one, Eva was given an instructional video and exercises by Michael himself, in which he helped improve her sentence variety. Moreover, in lessons three and four Eva learned about being more concise and improving her punctuation.After all this, by working on the grammar section, Eva bettered her grammatical abilities and felt as if she were better prepared for the independent and integrated writing sections of the 7-Step System.

In the writing sections of Michael’s Online TOEFL Course, Eva furthered her academic writing by completing various independent, integrated, and skill-building exercises that not only allowed her to test the skills she learned in the grammar section, but also helped improve her topic development and sentence organization. Case in point, by completing numerous independent and integrated practice tests and receiving feedback provided by iBT Speaking and Writing Specialists, Eva was constantly given and told helpful ways to improve her writing. In the end, she was able decode the writing task given to her, organize a coherent response, and write detailed developed paragraphs.

All in all, through Michael’s feedback and lesson plans, Eva noticed a strong improvement in her writing from where she originally started. And when she took the TOEFL for the first time! She scored an amazing overall score of 99! Wow.

Hi Michael!

I am glad to inform you that I passed the TOEFL IBT with a 99 (rea: 24, lis: 25, spe: 24, wri: 26) and now I am attending the university I so eagerly wanted to enter.

Thank you for this website and all your help! Eva.”

Online TOEFL Course


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