Ibrahim scores 102 on the TOEFL iBT Exam.

Ibrahim formerly wanted to improve his reading, speaking, and writing abilities in English. As such, it is assumed Ibrahim wanted to study on his own pace and time as opposed to taking an ELS course. Reason being, Ibrahim ended up subscribing to “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” by Michael Buckhoff, materials writer and instructor for this course. With regards to Michael, he has been improving students English for over a decade and many students have attained success with his TOEFL preparation course online. So in order to help Ibrahim, it was determined that Ibrahim primarily review Michael’s individual reading, speaking, and writing sections.

Considering Ibrahim’s reading, he struggled reading English. Slurring his vowels, Ibrahim was not able to read English fluently nor accurately. However, with Michael’s 7 Step-System, Ibrahim now had numerous reading exercises which helped him improve his reading fluency and accuracy. For instance, Ibrahim had 70 academic speed reading practice tests testing his ability to read from 100 to 350 words per minute. Due to this, Ibrahim began scoring 27/30 on reading practice tests and even began reading at an incredible pace of 212 words per minute! Though reading wasn’t the only skill he improved, Ibrahim had great results in both the speaking and writing sections of Michael’s course.

Consider Ibrahim’s speaking; he spoke with a moderate Arabic accent. Not able to speak with proper fluency, Ibrahim was scoring 22/30 in both independent and integrated practices. However, with various integrated and independent practice tests, the speaking section of Michel’s course truly tested Ibrahim’s ability to speak English with better proficiency and fluidly. Additionally, with repetitive feedback from speaking specialists, Ibrahim‘s former Arabic accent slowly began to fade away. Due to this, Ibrahim was scoring a 27/30 in both integrated and independent speaking practice tests. Furthermore, Ibrahim began improving in the writing section of Michaels’ course as well.
Considering Ibrahim’s writing, he needed to improve his writing structure. Writing with improper sentence organization and formation, Ibrahim worked on hundreds of skill-building exercises and various independent and integrated practice tests to improve his academic writing. Due to this, Ibrahim he began scoring 25/30 in writing practice tests and improved his writing organization, delivery, and complex sentence formation.  Being just a written and more formal way of speaking the knowledge he had learned through the lesson plans in Michael’s course, Ibrahim’s writing proficiency had improved from the aid of Michael’s reading and speaking sections.
In the end, with Michael’s “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Ibrahim improved his reading, speaking, and writing abilities in English. Subsequently, Ibrahim messaged us of how he ended up scoring a new TOEFL iBT score of 102/120.

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