Hyun uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 26/30 on the speaking section.

Before having moved to Florida, Hyun was raised in Korea. Not able to speak English very fluently, Hyun had a problem scoring above a 21/30 on the speaking section of the TOEFL IBT. That being said, it seemed Hyun wanted to improve the ease of expression when speaking in English. By what means? Hyun joined Michael Buckhoff’s Online TOEFL Course. When taking the time to view all of the sections, Hyun had virtually access to all the content available to improve his speaking inaccuracies and succeed in scoring on the speaking section with an average of about 24/30.

In the beginning, before Hyun decided to go and complete exercises, Hyun knew it would be best to approach his areas of difficulty in the best orderly fashion. Thus, Hyun reviewed Michael’s vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking section as the best way to improve his English. As such, Hyun approached Michael’s vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking section similar to the order below.

To begin with, Hyun was advised to review Michael’s vocabulary section to study the meanings between basic and college level vocabulary. Because of this, Hyun learned to perform optimally when reading and listening to TOEFL IBT passages by building a good vocabulary foundation. Moreover, Hyun learned to support generalizations during his response to speaking tasks by including explicit details.

With Michael’s pronunciation section, Hyun was given numerous pronunciation drills and to improve his ability to say certain vowel and consonant sounds. For example, with speaking task 3, Hyun was given an instructional video of how to enunciate constant sounds with clarity and accuracy. This being said, after extensive practice, Hyun was steadily perfecting his instruction in the stress and intonation of certain words and phrases. Furthermore, by listening to the feedback provided to him, Hyun developed suitable pronunciation skills in English and prepared his success to responding well while speaking.

With Michael’s speaking section, Hyun had various integrated and independent practice tests which tested his ability to speak American English fluidly and accurately. Having competed several speaking exercises and practice tests, Hyun was able to respond to academic questions in English with exceptional delivery and topic development. Eventually after several attempts, Hyun improved his integrated and independent comprehension and even received responses from speaking specialist Michael Buckhoff acknowledging so.

Resultantly, Hyun improved his speaking fluidity such that he scored 26/30 on the TOEFL IBT. In the end, with Michael’s online course, Hyun improved his pronunciation and speaking skills in American English. Like Hyun, discover the solution to your English weaknesses and consider enrolling to improve your English competencies.

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