Hylan scores 26 and 25 on the speaking and writing portions of the exam.

Hylan improved his academic English-speaking skill by five points, after seven weeks of being enrolled in Michael Buckhoff’s Online TOEFL Course. Leaving in California, Hylan was a student wanting to major in Accounting. Although one thing was holding Hylan back from receiving his BA in Accounting, Hylan needed to score a minimal score of 103/120 on the TOEFL IBT. Struggling to meet the required marks during the speaking section, Hylan sought guidance from Michael to improve his speaking inaccuracies and better his speaking proficiency. Hylan’s initial comments are listed below.

“Hi Michael,

I need 4 extra points in the speaking section; r-26, l-28, s-21, w-25. My speaking skill must be improved. I have registered for another TOEFL exam next month, so I need to improve my current level. Would you be able to help me during these 3 weeks?



Michael reads about Hylan’s situation and offered to help Hylan as much as he could during his seven week subscription. Recommending his 30-Day TOEFL IBT Study Guide with Emphasis on Speaking and Pronunciation, Hylan had many exercises, lessons, and practice tests to help him build competent pronunciation and speaking skills. Furthermore, with Michael’s Voxopop discussion group, Hylan had the benefit of receiving valuable feedback provided by IBT specialists. These IBT specialists’ graded Rylan’s speaking response based on his delivery, language use, general description, and topic development.

Because of this, Hylan was improving his pronunciation and speaking more than he ever expected to receive with Michael’s course. Reason being, as time went by Hylan really began improving his skill with Michael’s considerable practice with intonation, pausing, stress, and instruction in the pronunciation of many vowel and consonant sounds in words and academic speech. Furthermore, Hylan worked on a multitude of: pronunciation training procedures and practice tests, completed a good deal of speaking practice tests, and most definitely used Michael’s Voxopop discussion group.

In the end, after seven weeks of being subscribed to Michael’s course, Hylan ended up receiving winded up with a new high score of 106/120 on the TOEFL IBT.

Hylan’s final remarks are listed as the following:

“Hi Michael,

I just want to thank you for all your useful tips about the TOEFL IBT test. So thank you very much.

These were my scores: s-26, w-25, r-27, and l-28.


Consider joining like Hylan, and improve your speaking fluency with many of Michael’s developed exercises, practice tests, and lesson plans.


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