High TOEFL Score: Get your study plan today!

In this article, getting a high TOEFL score means you are scoring higher than 100/120. In addition, having a high TOEFL score means that you have minimum subtotal scores of 25 in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections. How does one get a high score like this?

High TOEFL Score
High TOEFL Score

High TOEFL Score: Your background is more important than you think.

How much contact you have had with English before you prepare for the TOEFL exam will impact how high of a TOEFL score you eventually get. For example, if you have been using English at home for more than 15 years, you are likely to score 100+.  In addition, if you have done any of the following, you are more likely to score higher than 100+:

Reading newspapers, magazines, and books for 5-7 years

Talking with native or near-native speakers for more than 5 years

Studying English in elementary school, high school, and college for more than 7 years

Listening to podcasts and music and watching television and movies for 5+ years

High TOEFL Score: Why is your background so important?

To illustrate the importance of  having an English background, consider two cross-country runners who show up on the first day of practice in August. The first athlete has already been running 8-10 kilometers a day for the last three months. The second athlete has not done in any running at all. Who would you rather coach?  Which runner will likely run faster? In most cases, the first athlete will run faster since he already has a background in running.  Similarly, if you have been using English for more than 10 years, you will already

  • Have some control over your vocabulary and grammar in your speaking and writing.
  • Be comfortable reading and listening to texts in English.
  • Have developed some good habits in your English study.

High TOEFL Score: How long will I need to study before I can score 100+?

How long you need to study will depend on your English background and your current abilities.  Generally speaking, let’s suppose your current TOEFL score is 60/120, and your goal is to score more than 100/120.  If you are diligent in your daily TOEFL preparation study, you can expect to improve your score 5-10 points each month that you study. Therefore, to improve your TOEFL score 40 points, you will most likely need 4 to 8 months before you will be able to reach your target score. Furthermore, you will need to study harder and more diligently than you have ever studied in your entire life.   Similarly, if your TOEFL score right now is 80, you will need 2-4 months of diligent preparation before reaching your goal.

High TOEFL Score: How do I prepare for the TOEFL exam?

Following a few basic guidelines will help you to reach your target score of 100+:

Take a full-length TOEFL iBT four hour practice test to find your current level.

Choose the correct TOEFL course based on your current abilities and target TOEFL score of 100.

Practice the lessons in your TOEFL course for the recommended period of time.

  • Finish all pronunciation pre-tests and post-test and send your audio files to your TOEFL speaking specialist.
  • Complete 3-5 independent and integrated speaking practice tests weekly for the duration of your course. Take notes when you get feedback from your speaking specialist.
  • Take 3-5 independent and integrated writing practice tests weekly during your course. Send them to your TOEFL writing specialist to be scored. Pay attention to the feedback you get.  Ask yourself after every writing practice test, “What can I do on the next practice test to score higher?”

Once you have completed your course, take one more full-length TOEFL iBT practice test. If your score is 100+, then register to take the official TOEFL exam.

High TOEFL Score:  Check your Attitude.

In order to score 100+, you will need a certain mindset. Here is some things that you should consider:

Do not think you can prepare for one month and score 100+, especially if you have a limited background using English in the past.

Scoring 100+ on the TOEFL exam is not easy.  Reaching this goal will require the right course plan and qualified pronunciation, speaking, and writing feedback. You will need to study 2-3 hours daily during your course.

Remember P.A.C.E.: Positive Attitude Changes Everything. If you stay positive, you are more likely to be consistent in your study routine.

Do not take the TOEFL exam until you are ready.  Many students think that they should take the TOEFL exam repeatedly until they pass. The problem is that they take the exam over and over, but they still do not reach their desired scores. Failing the TOEFL exam over and over can cause many problems:

  • You are wasting 100’s and 1000’s of dollars.
  • You will become depressed and extremely frustrated.
  • You may take out your anger and frustration on your loved ones  by verbally or physically abusing them.
  • You may become angry with co-workers.
  • You may gain or lose weight.
  • You may give up on your career aspirations.

You must never give up on your goal of scoring 100+.  Many students have achieved this result. You will too. Stay focused, study your lessons, and complete your practice tests.  If you follow your course plan for the recommended period of time, you will reach your goal.

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff, http://onlinetoeflcourse.com