Giavanni improves his TOEFL score after a few months of online study.

With Michael’s TOEFL course, Giovanni improved in speaking, writing, and reading. An Italian native, Giovanni moved to New York with a strong Italian accent and limited English comprehension skills. Thus to maintain a good life here in the USA, Giovanni must have known he would have to work hard in order to improve his English proficiency. Having difficulty in areas such as speaking, writing, and reading; Giovanni must have sought to find a course which would have helped him improve with his English. Reason being, Giovanni joined Michael’s renowned Online TOEFL Course “The 7-Step System to pass the TOEFL iBT.”

Having difficulty in areas such as speaking and writing, Giovanni completed both integrated and independent skill-building tasks. Due to this, Giovanni was immensely helped with his speaking fluidity, pronunciation, and writing comprehension. On account of this, after countless exercises and feedback provided by iBT speaking and writing specialists through the Voxopop Discussion Group and Michaels Online TOEFL course, Giovanni developed good speaking and writing skills. This allowed for Giovanni to score 21 out of 30 on both of the speaking and writing sections of the actual TOEFL exam.

Having trouble with his reading comprehension in English as well, Giovanni over twenty lessons and seventy speed reading tests to strengthen his reading intelligence in academic English. These lessons and tests were designed to help students like Giovanni improve his reading speed from 100 to 350 words per minute and his overall reading proficiencies. As a result, after regularly completing lessons and words per minute assignments, Giovanni eventually learned to be more of a proficient reader with ability to concentrate well and maintain a steady reading speed. This allowed for Giovanni to score 23 out of 30 on the reading section of the actual TOEFL exam.

Giovanni originally had trouble with his English comprehension skills, though subsequently Giovanni learned to buildeffective speaking, writing, and reading habits. With this in mind, it can be understood why Giovanni attained the score he did during his examination. Through Michael’s course and guidance, Giovanni’s skills were challenged too improved. Respectively, Giovanni ended up scoring 85 with reading-23, listening-20, speaking-21, and writing-21.Thanks to Michael’s TOEFL course, Giovanni attained his score in as little over three months. With numerous reviews like Giovanni’s, have you been looking for a comprehensive course to meet your goal? Then consider joining renowned Michael’s 7 Step System to achieve your TOEFL expectations!

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