Ghanim uses an Online TOEFL Course to improve his speaking proficiency.

At one time, Ghanim commented to Michael saying how he felt he had adequate reading and writing skills in American English, but did not have strong speaking proficiency. Thus, in order to overcome his troublesome speaking inaccuracies in American English, Ghanim periodically worked out numerous speaking lessons and practice tests to improve this troublesome ability to speak fluently and intelligibly. How was this done? Well to build his speaking proficiency, Ghanim fortunately subscribed to Michael’s exclusive Online TOEFL Course.

Working full time five days a week, Ghanim made the commitment to manage his loaded work schedule and make time to improve his troublesome speaking inaccuracies in American English. Taking this into account, Ghanim was recommended to review and work out the content from Michael’s pronunciation and speaking section for two months. With this in mind, in order for Ghanim to have built a well-rounded approach to speaking, Ghanim gradually learned to speak without clumsy pauses and unclear pronunciation. How so? Ghanim had an assortment of pronunciation lessons addressing his pronunciation inaccuracies. For this reason, Ghanim was able to distinguish and build a broad understanding with many different vowels and constants. As a result, Ghanim improved his pronunciation proficiency with new and improved fluency in American English.

In regards to strengthening Ghanim’s response to speaking intelligibly, Ghanim was given the task of reviewing numerous speaking lessons and completing various comprehensive speaking practice tests. With an assortment of speaking lessons plus independent and integrated speaking practice tests, Ghanim was able to distinguish and improve speaking organization. This being said, Ghanim retained critical speaking skills such as delivering a coherent response, communicating key details in the body of his speech, and closing with a final statement. As a result, Ghanim improved his speaking proficiency with new and improved intelligibility in American English.

In the end, because of Michael’s exclusive Online TOEFL Course, Ghanim was able to improve his speaking fluency and intelligibility in American English. Reason being, after two months of having Ghanim’s enrolled, Ghanim reported back his newly scored TOEFL IBT results. Ghanim’s scores were listed as 102/120 with R-24, L-25, S-27, and W-26. A true sense of accomplishment must have occurred when Ghanim finally acquired his pertinent speaking goal. All in all, Ghanim’s speaking proficiency in American English has improved for many years to come because of Michael’s comprehensive pronunciation and speaking sections. So like Ghanim, consider subscribing to build strong speaking proficiency in American English!

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