Get a TOEFL score of 90 by following the steps in this video.


I got a FaceBook message from B.S., who needs to improve his TOEFL score. Here is what he said:

Hello Sir,how are you? I saw your videos about the Toefl test on Youtube and it is obvious that you are helping the students who will take Toefl exam I would like to consult something that makes me really desperate and worried about the Toefl exam.I’m from Turkey and I have never taken this exam so far.In my university, this is the last year I’m studying food and beverage management. And I would like to apply to the Swedish Universities for International Relations department to study a master’s degree.The most exciting and frightening part of this matter is that, to be admitted to these universities, I should score 90 out of 120; moreover, I need to get 20 points in the writing section. My English level is upper-intermediate, and I mightily wonder if I’ll be able to score 90 in 3 months.I decided to take the Toefl exam in December because in January the universites application will be expired. I feel really the need to share this question with you. Whenever you are available, I’ll be waiting for your response,sir

It is hard for me to give him advice since he does not already have a TOEFL score, but here is the advice I have for him:

Hopefully, if he follows this advice, he will be able to reach his TOEFL goals.


Michael Buckhoff





2 thoughts on “Get a TOEFL score of 90 by following the steps in this video.

  1. Dear Mr.Buckhoff,

    My name is Anh Vu and I’m an foreign exchange student from Vietnam and I’m living in Syracuse,UT for 10 months . Yesterday, my Dad found your videos on Youtube and also your website with all the information about Toefl ibt and he’s really impressed. So he wants me to join your online classes and hopes that I can improve my English and also, can get a better score.

    The last time( and also the first time) I took the Toefl IBT test was on Jun 27 and I got total 74, which is not very good. I got 15 on Reading, 17 on Listening, 20 on Speaking and 22 on Writing. My goal is that in this December, when I take the Toefl test in Salt Lake City, I can get over 95. So by getting over 95 on the Toefl test, I can apply directly into the good university with a scholarship, which is better for me because I don’t have to go to the community college and then transfer into the university.

    So, I am writing this letter for you, to ask you about your Online Toefl course and I hope I can get all information about the course or anything I need to do to join.

    Thank you for spending your time reading my email. I hope you will answer my email soon.I wish you have a great day 😀
    Thank you,again.

    Anh Vu ( Ann)

    (P.S: I already sent an email for you a few adays ago, but I have not get the email back yet :d So I posted this email again here and hope you can read it, Thanks a lot )

    1. Ann,

      I apologize for the delay. Here are my video comments about your situation:

      Follow the link to the 90-Day TOEFL Study Guide I recommend for you:



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